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they dont want the truth 
all the want are the lies
they deny the proof 
when they close their eyes
theyll even say that black is blue 
when they look up at the sky
they'll turn their backs on you 
and pretend that they're blind
but the epox of the soul 
is not a construct of the times
and not everything that youre told
can be comprehended by your mind
so learn the lessons told 
but add a grain of salt
not everything that shines is gold 
and not everything is your fault
theres a little shade of gray 
that defines the stories told
but the outline determines the bigger picture 
when the print is BOLD
so like the colors of a painting 
merely an illusion
so is life in its entirety 
filled with confusion
but there is one thing that we can fall back on 
that never seems to fail
our inspiration in our consciousness 
the spirit's holy grail
so if youre ever in a bind and your running out of time 
take a peek in your mind and there you will find
a place where nothing is bound where nothing is found where nothing exists
yet everything exists where white implies black and life implies death 
where everything is lost and nothing is left.
this is the place of resolution 
this is the place absolution 
this is the place of revolution
this is the place of all solutions
the mind, inspiration and instinct 
no goals no limits no boundries no borders

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 11/11/2015 7:44:00 AM
Sounds empty, love it
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