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Yang, dear. Yes, my lovely Yin. Why do you map Game Theory onto EcoFeminist Political Theory? It comes across as either just confusing or, even worse, vaguely sexist. Really! How sexist? Well you seem to associate competitive ZeroSum WinLose with strong aggressive patriarchal effectiveness for defending and conserving health and safety. These are rational strategic choices for the real guts of our ego- and anthro- and national-competitive survival; while Yin is more of the nurturing cooperativist Mom who has her matriarchal place in a WinWin domestic economy, but speaking cooperative nurture to competitive power sounds like patriarchally dominant Business As SexistUsual to me. I can see that, but it does miss my more encompassing Yang/Yin nondualist intent. But, not if you substitute Patriarchy/Matriarchy for Yang and Yin, co-arising respectively as Original Cause and Original ReGenerativeEffect. I'm not sure I can explain why I see EcoFeminist Game Theory as nonzero-sum optimizing WinWin and why that, in turn, unveils nature-nurture slow-growth resonance, and therefore evolves regenerative-matriarchal-reverse-hierarchical, re-cyclical therapy for a too patriarchal too competitive, retributive Yang-means-NotYin Business as Capitalist-Elitist Usual, WinYang to LoseYin zero-sum ecopolitically long-term degenerative history, embedded within Earth's larger Yin/Yang WinWin DNA phylogenic development of EarthTribe's her-creationstory. Then why bother with it? If you can't deductively explain why it is therapeutic then how could your way of seeing Game Theory through a bicameral-feminist lens actually be therapeutic, even for yourself, with your deductivist-reductivist rational exclusionary ways. Because I am nothing without co-arising you. As bipolar opposites, in a WinLose survivalist world, neither of us could be Yang empowered or Yin nurturing. Only in our dipolar appositional co-arising WinWin world of self/other-regenerative evolutionary development can we find RealWorld RealTime Yang-Left BodyMind with Yin-Right MindBody more passionately trusting our ecopolitical choices than when Yang merely overpowers Yin. Maybe yes, maybe no. Your description of how Earth regenerates cooperative, more than degenerates competitive climates of pathology, does not move me toward prescriptive therapeutic passion. I was listening to a feminist writer speaking of why she is uncomfortable with being labeled as a feminist. She was clear that, for her, what feminists are against is Patriarchy, which is not the same thing as being against men. What she explicitly stated feminists cannot do is speak truth to power with and about what all feminists are for, what all feminists would nurture and grow and regenerate. For me, and for Game Theory, I suspect, feminists are for nurturing cooperative global WinWin empowerment of restorative minds with bodies, of all Earth's LifeTribes, of Mother Earth as icon of healthywealth cooperative trans-fertility. WinWin NonZero-Sum is our larger cooperative nurturing womb of long-term, multi-generational, multicultural development, while WinLose Zero-Sum competitive YangDominant survivalist evolution is reserved for extraordinary EitherWinMore Now Or LoseEverything Later short-term strategic necessities, to minimize anti-pathic losses and optimize cooperative-democratizing empathic trust Wins. Tell me again why you are so sure WinWin cooperative equivalence is Earth's larger therapeutic history, while WinLose is Yang's more short-term survivalist self-regenerative-positive and other-degenerative-negative may be OK with me, Ego-evolution/Eco-devolution. Let's try this: Anatol Rapaport's regenerative-reproductive-reiterative longevity within a game environment permitting both WinLose competitive, and WinWin cooperative, bilateral choices, called Tit for Tat, always wins every game played every transaction co-invested every relationship mirror-passioned, to only go WinLose when your RightNow-Other played WinLose selfishly last round. Corollary: Never defensively initiate WinMore to LoseLess. If your default setting is always choose WinWin equivalency, except when meeting a prior WinLose Dominant EgoCentric player against your mutual reiterative equivalent-cooperative memory and future-anticipated regenerativity (embodied restoration). If everyone chooses WinWin equivalency every day in every ecopolitical game and relationship, then WinMore to LoseLess players disappear within a perpetually regenerative restorative rights-equivalence game of both matriarchally cooperative mind and body Left and RightBrain co-owned and governed for EcoFeminist/EgoMasculine EarthRights Equivalence. NonZero Game Theory, compassioned and nurtured WinWin bilaterally reiterative default is also BothAnd "Right Brain" appositional thinking, where Zero-Sum WinLose Game Theory is EitherOr Left(PatriarchalElite) Brain Dominant, oppositionally defiant. So, NonZero-Sum WinWin Yin/Yin equivalent plays and her-cultures over historic understories regenerate the longest? And that's what domestic-within ego/eco-empowering Matriots share with more Yangish AntiPatriarchal EcoFeminists. We are all WinWin for EarthTribe's nurturing-flow of cooperative-restorative ecopolitical Matriarchal/Patriarchal Yin/Yang, not quite so much Yang/Yin, Global Health and Safety Well honey just turn your frame around, so Matriarchs are, as they always have been, Original Causes, after all we do carry the regenerative babies, while the Patriarchs are just another pair of Yin/Yang X/Y Original ReGenerative Effects. Isn't that a little like interpreting the Intent of Democratizing Constitutions, as Originally Caused by our ForeFather's Mothers? I doubt those who signed these diverse cooperative intentions for our collective health and safety also intended to bite the hands that embryo-fed them. That does seem rabidly LoseLose unlikely, now that you mention Original Nurturing Causes.

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