Every body's New Year


There is something, something going on
No one knows it, but something is wrong

Everybody  around to end the year
Celebrating this year last cheer
Counting from 10-1, forgetting 2012 is near

The ignorance of this world has hit again.
Spreading happiness through every window pane
Sending hugs and kisses to every friend
Forgetting the feelings of the times we felt insane

Relaxing to the joy we create.
Acting like we enjoyed every day.
Passing smiles on this one day 
This day, the whole world celebrates
For this one day we all await
Asking to shake the hands of the ones we hate
Forgetting about the worlds ~2012~ due' date
Cheer from me before it gets too late
Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug
Happy new years, everyone!

By-gones~ be bygones
Cheers, cheers, toast your beer.
My new resolutions list is here.
In one blink of the eye its over 
And a new year begins..
Look at it this way,  we have 365 days.
To say life stinks all over again.
Happy new years to that, my friend!!

 ~   SKAT  ~

Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 10/23/2013 10:18:00 PM
SKAT This is a little sadder than your usual ones, but still creative and interesting The reader is captivated from beginning to end. Good job Thanks for the sweet comment on my Drug Love poem.
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Date: 1/5/2011 8:02:00 PM
Hey Skat I never had a chance to wish you a happy new year so hear are two kisses one for each cheek XX
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Date: 1/4/2011 4:28:00 PM
don't you think this was a little on the..well pessimistic side SKAT?ha ha yet i bet..that you still nostalgic get!
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Date: 1/3/2011 6:03:00 PM
Nothing has changed since 99, Skat, but sincerly i would like to wish you a happy new year, and a big thank you, for your comments, and support, you are indeed a very special gem. Love Harry
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Date: 1/2/2011 6:17:00 PM
Good descriptiveness here. You have a good reminder to everyone not to persevere and strive to ameliorate the wrongs of the world.
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Date: 1/1/2011 8:35:00 AM
the cynical view of new year a refreshing change, I really enjoyed! Thank you for your comment and I wish you all the best in the new year and hope it doesnt stink as much as you think it will :)
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Date: 1/1/2011 7:05:00 AM
Thanks for your comment on my work and a Happy New Year to you. I like this poem of yours. Jancarl
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Date: 1/1/2011 5:47:00 AM
Very cute! Happy new year Skat!
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Date: 1/1/2011 1:07:00 AM
Happy New Year. From a window in the window of the eye - with joy!
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Date: 1/1/2011 12:51:00 AM
ok, i see the date there now. Well, how cool is that. You wrote it a whole 11 years ago! Happy new year, sweetie!
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Date: 12/31/2010 6:38:00 PM
awwhhh... this is so sweet and funny, SKAT.. happy new year with lots of graces and fun.. stay well! and thanks for dropping by my page..:) nette
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Date: 12/31/2010 6:25:00 PM
LOL~great truths written~Happy new year to you~your always here and gone~Great to hear from you!!!!!God bless you "SKAT"~God bless~Rick
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Date: 12/31/2010 5:46:00 PM
Great work..I hope that you will enjoy your life and live it to the fullest this coming year..May your gift expand and touch on the lives of many in a positive way in the year to come..Sara
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Date: 12/31/2010 5:10:00 PM
so uplifting & one year to look forward to(: thanks Skat!..for the hope in your poem. haha, due date, so funny, but hey that'll be a beautiful beginning too. i hope your new year is worth the new start, its well deserved. ~Always&Forever Lynette
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Date: 12/30/2010 9:53:00 PM
geeez, to say life stinks all over again. What a cynic. hahahaha. So you are one of those that believe the end comes in 2012, Irma? I sure hope not, but you may be right. Hey, how are you, my friend, it's been a while!! Nice seeing you here. You are my last for the night. Off I go now. Luv, Andrea
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Date: 12/30/2010 8:31:00 PM
Happy New Year to you! What a wonderful way to say goodbye to 2010. Thank you for sharing :) -Molly
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Date: 12/30/2010 8:49:00 AM
Nice way to say goodbye to the year 2010 with cheers. Wish a Happy new year, SKAT
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Date: 12/30/2010 8:39:00 AM
Powerful and Poignant .. an energetic write my dear friend Irma and so wonderful are the thoughts looking forward to 2012 in anticipation ... another great creation from your gifted pen my friend.. wishing u all a Happy New Year full of richest blessings ... all the best u u and Royal too and everyone u cherish..with luv.. good luck on both your contests ..see the little one got right into it following Mama ..Bear...so brilliantly luv..
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Date: 12/30/2010 7:21:00 AM
I enjoyed reading your amazing poetry this morning S K A T. I will be back after the New Year to read more of your poetry. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Love, Carol
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