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Cloud Weavers

Little child
Your tiny hands hold a little flower
Delicately, you start weaving a story about peace
In your gentleness, you understand how happiness works
It is the sanctuary of warm softness in the heart
Free of all clouds and stormy weather
Little feet
You walk on soft white sand
Eagerly, you pull yourself up after each fall
In your curiosity, you discover what makes you happy
It is the freedom of making your own choices
Unconstrained by necessity or fate
Little heart
You embrace everyone without judging
Innocently, you follow the impulse of your instinct
In your imagination, you build the foundation of harmony
It is the pillar of mutual acceptance
Co-existing with different beliefs
Now, a grown young man
Your hands are no longer soft and delicate
In your journey, you learn how betrayal works
Painfully, you slip and fall each time
It is the feeling of deep hurt in the heart
That pushes you forward
Now, a capable man
You walk on a long winding path
In your trial and error, you finally grasp the true nature of humans
Disappointedly, you sigh at the people who create war
And those who instill hatred in today's youth
It is the sense of rightness that moves you
Now, a man of experience
You let your thoughts flow upon paper
Dipped in the ink of blood, words continue to flourish
Seamlessly, you integrate your enchanting imagery
With the blessings of God's living water
You paint a ladder of inspirations reaching the horizons
Seeds of the new generation
They are dreaming of a better future
Far from the opening chambers of blind heartaches
Those who drowned in the darkness of their moonshine spirits
Burning sinners and hypocrites
Drunken smartass slurring in a poetic oxymoron slang
Evil minds
Your eyes grin when you take away lives
It is the cold heartless stare that you exude
Until your victims' breaths leave their bodies
The demons in you rejoice in your attachment to them
Your souls are no longer your own
Unfilled vessels
The windows of your souls are sealed off
You have fenced yourself in to keep out the goodness
Spitting in Love's face, you bow to your Demon God
It is the hatred that you cling onto
When you weave long threads of recorded bad memories
Unforgiving gale
It approaches with a full force
Floors tremble and vibrate
When the houses break, it will be swift and inevitable
It is an unstoppable vortex of good and evil
A battle of hurling vile obscenities
Demon possessed
You will curse everything holy swearing lies
Sweet talking arrogance with no bounds
Under a thousand points of light
So blind becomes the beggars vision of a predator
Rattling through the cages of time
Death holds a beating pulse
Harsher than physical wounds exposed
Pain burns the poker scorching hot inside empty skulls
They curl their tongues in mockery of life
Cultivating a culture of takers and pranksters
Givers are now doomed and deemed foolish
Where do we go from here?
Stuck in past mindsets, the old must find a way
To break the mold and make peace
The young and new blood should never give up
On peaceful tolerance and forgiving love
Let bygones be bygones, start now with peace

a co write by liam mc daid and Angeline Lim

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 5/10/2017 11:36:00 PM
This is one of our masterpiece collaborations and the longest one ever! Could have been a POD for its meaningful messages and theme. Thanks for sharing your ideas ;)
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Date: 4/7/2017 10:31:00 AM
Just a very wonderful outpouring. I enjoyed reading it this morning - appropriately sad after the horror in Syria. A 7
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Date: 3/28/2017 10:49:00 AM
Hello Liam Mate!! A wondrous co-write by you and Angeline Lim. You both definitely put some high-quality time into this one. Superb Write!! SEVEN/FAV!! Cheers and Best, Gary
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Date: 3/26/2017 11:19:00 AM
- A truly wonderful poem from you two :) - A long poem, but worth reading ... I enjoy it - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 3/25/2017 11:53:00 PM
Hi Liam!:))Wow!Wow!This is a very outstanding n' powerful piece, you've written here my dearest friend Liam and this time in collaboration with Angeline . Very deep and profound indeed, but beautifully written, Liam.Just awesome! Dazzling! Excellent collaboration!Your pens are truly mighty golden! I truly enjoyed it.Just wonderful!A 7 + + + each!A Fav!To me you're always the best in everything Liam. So very beautiful romantic gentle and sweet. I really hope n' pray a lot you're okay in everything, Liam.Please keep positive. Always keeping you in my thoughts n' prayers. Keep your faith! Keep your love hopes n' follow your dreams always too:))Wishing you a very lovely week ! In His light God bless you always!:))Love n' hugs! xoxox D.^O^
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