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Celestial Polka Dots

My unspoken agony 
Drowned my sulking cheeks in its essence,
And I,
Could only wet my lips,
And pluck, from my chin,
A streaming flow of tears or two
Which I placed on the night sky
With the help of my finger!

My tears appeared there  as black dots
Giving the night sky the impression
Of being polluted!

What a waste, whispered my mind,
Are you not supposed to be a lover
Of nature's purity?

Does it even matter, breathed my soul,
Everything is bound to come and go
As waves do on the seashores;
No one wave can be said to look like the others!
And while everything does go on its way,
Suffering remains present all the way through
Does it even matter if floods of tears
Drown your eyes, or, if you use them
To dirty the night sky?

It does matter, heaved my heart,
It does matter as my sufferings weigh on me
And make me feel like I am myself
Covered with black dots,
Being, so like a flower,
Shredded into millions of pieces,
As, my beauty was deemed as being worthless
By the one to tend me day and night,
So much, 
That he chose another to adorn the vase
On his dining table!

But then, as the gloom of my dark spots
Steadily invaded the night sky,
I saw a child, naked, adorned solely with silver wings,
Saunter along the firmament only to touch
My black dots with his finger,
Turning them, while doing so,
Into red ones!

Pray, laughed he in an echoing voice,
Why do you cry?
Have you no faith in the power of the Gods?
Those dots have been meant to be imbibed
With passion even before you took birth!

What shall be, 
Remains the sole wish of the skies!
Doubt it not,
Fight it not,
Rather, live it,
Live it as I do,
Live it as who you were once,
A child, carefree and reckless,
Seeking solely to quench the thirst of her passion!

For Contest Polka Dots 
Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh
Written on 20th Jan 2019 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 1/22/2019 4:41:00 PM
Congratulations on your top win in my contest, Anoucheka!:) Such a great poem!
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