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Can you survive

It was like the apocalypse 
Dark skies
Lined up in rows 

How we got there
No one knows.

Chatting all around 
Most seemed to have a good 

Then he came around
Unseen but heard 
Voice so shrieking it made 
children cry

And just like that 
There was a dusty light in the 

First came the wind
So sharp it cut humans 
Like diamond needles going 

All you could see,
Selected rows
They turn into dust.

Searing pains of emotions
They flow through all
Watching as many family's fall.

When rows filled with people
Turn into ash of dust
That's when people started 

Survival of the fittest is so it 

But then came the lights
So bright and blinding
Going across rows where 
people moved,
But not hitting those who stood 

Moving at the speed of light
This light came and went 
Before anyone could blink.

Once a row of people
Now piles of ash
Going through isles 
With no intent to stop.

As soon as it came
It was all over.
And what was a population
Was now only a few thousand.

Covered in dust 
We heard a noise,
Telling all of us
To line in fours.

Three lines were incredibly 
But the first line
That was way too full.

Was the worst mistake to 

Inside the voice that was heard
That shirked when spoken
Turning into a figure
Dark as night.

There was no face
There where no visible parts
Black robe
Black coverings
And a scythe so silvery clear.

Walking down a black building
That had just appeared.

What was heard next were 

From death himself 
About how the first line
Was way too long.

Without a chance to move
A quick breeze went through
Split the line in half.
With one quick swift.

The front started to run.

As for the others, blood went 
down their faces
They lined up in the other 

Then something weird 
Line three started to run
As line two became frozen.

But one.

So brave
She walked out of line
Heading straight to death.

Given a chance to speak,
One thing had been said.

"Death, when can we go"

As she stared 
Waiting for a response.
Scared for her life,
At this black spooky figure
He turned to her.

And then what was happening
Became nothing,
And she woke up
Back into the real life.

Where everything she just seen 
Had all been a dream.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 9/3/2013 11:47:00 AM
Damn. This was so hard-hitting. Quite the roller coaster ride...
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Date: 9/2/2013 12:15:00 PM
Deeply beautiful poem, Amber. I felt the honesty, and expressive talent. Enjoyed it greatly. Check out my poems, might find some you like.
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