Broken Pen

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Point blank
Sorry for letting you down.
I have a major case of writers block.
I could not even pull off a simple collab.
You guys and gals are lucky.
I have no inspiration. 


Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 10/19/2017 1:00:00 PM
Happens to the best of us, SKAT. That wandering feline muse always come back though. Ty for sharing your misty shrouded London downtime. Love and hugs always.
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Date: 10/6/2017 6:40:00 PM
I so know this feeling ... check out my poem 'where are the words
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Date: 2/12/2017 1:12:00 AM
I love the inspiration. Better to stop when we cannot do it better. Nice one.
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Date: 8/21/2016 1:47:00 PM
For everything there is a season...a season to be silent and reflect and patient my friend, poetry is in the soul, you will never "lose" it!
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Date: 8/14/2016 12:56:00 AM
This describes me sometimes - total block. And I love the last two lines.
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Date: 7/10/2016 4:20:00 PM
Hope your inspiration returns.I've been there, still am somehow...Though at times a star falls from heaven and I scribble something... Reading lots of poems helped somehow.
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Date: 6/3/2016 2:39:00 PM
I'm going through the same thing right now, but even with no inspiration we can still write about that... Great work, Skat. Keep writing always :)
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Date: 5/28/2016 3:10:00 PM
Love how ironic that you wrote about what you cannot do! I think writer's block is like an Upper Respitory infection. We cannot breath without the words and they make no inhaler for this!
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Date: 5/27/2016 2:18:00 AM
Is this called passive inspiration? It does inspire me now. I will write and some ink will flow out of that pen, once I overcome...
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Date: 4/28/2016 11:34:00 AM
beautifully written on a thought that obstructs yours .
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Date: 4/13/2016 4:01:00 PM
thanks for the recent contests you finished up, Skat. I am always so busy, but I really look forward to reading the GREEN poems!
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Date: 3/26/2016 8:36:00 PM
Creative way to tie in reality haha. -N
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Date: 3/19/2016 2:01:00 PM
One of the wonders of this site is to respond and learn of the many poets and their works! My eye was caught by this one but I do SEE that you've a very extensive body of work SKAT A and I do so look forward to enjoying them! BTW...a "Broken Pen" for you cracks me up! :-) Thank you again for your words!
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Date: 3/19/2016 7:23:00 AM
I know i have been here, as writers we can all relate. Sometimes it happens all of a sudden, like one minute I'll these wonderful poetic thoughts and the next, they're gone. But they do return :) Point blank can be inspirational...
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Date: 2/11/2016 5:56:00 AM
I enjoyed it.
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Date: 2/8/2016 7:04:00 AM
It is a short beautiful poem that conveys a writer's frustration
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Date: 2/5/2016 12:36:00 PM
Brilliant Skat, can so relate to this
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Date: 2/1/2016 5:52:00 PM
But inspiration always comes back after a while, I can tell yours did as I have seen some of your more recent work. Peace & Love Matthew Anish
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Date: 2/1/2016 2:01:00 PM
that's a good one, good writing SKAT A
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Date: 1/27/2016 8:53:00 AM
Your words convey emotions that are easily understandable, totally relatable and poetically expressed. When there is noting more to say why cloud it with fluff, as per the old adage “less is more.” Emile.
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Date: 1/25/2016 6:42:00 AM
I love this, so real!
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Date: 1/18/2016 9:27:00 PM
If that is to be un-inspired then allow my pen to be broken ; )
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Date: 1/16/2016 6:16:00 PM
Your inspiration must come from the Muse of poetry, and lead you with pen in hand, to capture whatever comes to mind.
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Date: 1/15/2016 2:18:00 PM
Wrong Skat,you can't possibly inspire everyone in the world a big world it is,but today inspiration comes within you within me , you've inspired me and countless others in heart soul to pen..a free Spirit A feather flying down from above and not knowing where to land...hugs Tonytocaa
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Date: 1/14/2016 2:34:00 AM
I feel like a broken pen myself write now, seems like I can't come up with anything, poetically. Very reflective piece! Short and precise, Nice SKAT... -Lucas-
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