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Bad Day Bad Day Bad Day

I am on fire today, I tell her. Let’s do it today!
I am always inviting her to go places, but every day is not the right one.
Not today, she cautions me. My great-grandmother died today.
I am so sorry! I say. “When did you find out?”  

But you are only twenty, right?
But my family found out in 1972, April 11th, 1972.
She shows me her calendar. 
There are deaths on every page.
From 1617 forward.

I help her search for an empty day.
Bad day. Bad day. Bad day she says.
Flipping pages rapidly.
I had always wondered why
She was always waiting for bad.

“Is this the only calendar you have?” I ask.
“I also have this one,” she tells me. 
It has a bunch of dates too but only first names.
Dates the family’s pets died.
Less of them, so that is good, right?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 4/12/2019 12:40:00 PM
Hello Caren,some of us have both good days and bad. Have a nice day my friend.
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 4/12/2019 12:47:00 PM
It is a great day for sure! Thank you, and you also, Darlene.
Date: 4/12/2019 12:30:00 PM
Ahh!! my dear friend Caren, good one, good one, good one good write and it's out of sight! WOW!! :)
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 4/12/2019 12:48:00 PM
Thank you James. Have a great weekend in Omaha where you have snow?
Date: 4/12/2019 12:37:00 AM
Caren, youre not a cup collector yet , but youre gonna be!For me its so exciting to discover you. Youre that good. Im quite intrigued by the volume of youre work but yet still not discovered as such. Its coming though
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Breedt Avatar
Jannie Breedt
Date: 4/12/2019 2:00:00 AM
Me either, I havent posted anything for months bar the one you commented on - not a good one, read the others. A cup collector are winners of them trophies when entering competitions.I still hate you though.
Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 4/12/2019 12:43:00 AM
I have no idea what a cup collector is, but I do love poetry-playing. I had only written one poem until Feb 15th, 2018 and then BAM I discovered this site, and I threw on a bunch of things and some people LIED and said they were POEMS. Now I know most were not. But aha! I feel loved here, and so here I am, playing and loving it so much! Thank you Jannie.