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Along the Highway

She walks along the highway
wrapped in a blanket of hazy fog.
Ticking you can hear the clock,
the girl walks faster, her back to the moon.
the road stretches out to no end,
empty, all is engulfed in darkness.

She sways with each step, her head full of fog.
Above, she feels the mocking stare of the moon,
as she wanders further down the lonely highway,
each carful breath timed with the tick of the clock,
as she heads deeper into the arms of the darkness.
Never has she felt the coldness of not knowing the end.

“Go home, girl”, thunders the moon.
She tries to run but her legs cannot trudge through the fog.
Reaching out she grasps the arms of the clock,
to pull her away from the dreadful highway.
But to no avail, the laugh of the darkness,
drags her further from the end.

She wonders just how she got to this highway,
the last she remembers was looking through the window at the moon.
But what window? The clear picture in her mind was invaded by the fog.
“Moon!” She calls out, unable to see his face in the darkness.
“This night has lasted two lifetimes, when will it end?”
“When the hands reach morning on the clock.”

She can’t recall the time she began walking on the highway.
Time didn’t seem to pass on the clock.
Weighed down, she began to slump into the thick fog,
her eyes straining to find an end, any end.
“Shine your light further, Moon.”
At her call, he slips in-between clouds, everything again in darkness.

The girl stopped walking, did she really want to find the end?
Was this so bad, alone on the highway?
“You can’t stay here!” yells the moon.
“And where shall I go in this fog?”
In response, time speeds up, the hands turn on the clock,
and maybe the sun will rise, banishing the darkness.

She laughs as the fog pools at her feet,“Until next time moon!”
But the girl does not know that the clock will never let the morning take darkness.
So she walks along the highway, smiling in foolish belief that she has found the end.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/6/2018 8:57:00 PM
Mysterious, enchanting! Love it!
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