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A man

He was a man, he was my man 
Yes! A man enough to propose me
But not a man enough to know exactly the meaning of that
He was a man enough to break my pride
That is my virginity i am talking about
The source that made me to be called a woman
 I thought he is a man, only to find out...
 That he is not a man enough.

He was a man, my man
A man enough to lure me into his home
To steal my love and all hope that i had
And simply ran away with them...
But he was not a man enough to realize how painful that was to me
My eyes saw but oh...i couldn’t identify
My mouth couldn’t tell the tale of hell he put me through
Just because i though he will be a man enough

 A man enough to realize and decide to change
I probably told myself that i will be strong and bear it
But deeply inside of me i could feel the heavy burden that my soul was carrying
Slowly i pushed but surely i was dying unaware

I tried to protect him and hide his failures
 By pretending like everything is alright
Because i thought he will turn to be a man enough
A man enough to change his ways of treating me
A man to appreciate my presence and support
Only to find out that i was deceiving myself
He was not ready to be a man enough
It became hard! Harder and more harder than i thought

I tried...i tried so hard to spill the juice that was bringing the sour taste in my life
But even though he didn’t notice a single drop of it
He was not a man enough to taste it
Jut to feel what i was going through
I wished to turn his blindness into a new light
To turn him to be a man enough to protect me
Because i was not ready to let go

I tried to light on hundred candles and more
Even that didn’t shine enough to fight away the darkness disappear
I picked a beautiful bunches of colorful flowers
Not even the sweet smell of them ever turned his sense of smell into place
I collected the special puzzles together
Neither one of them matched each other for me 
To build up the tower of whom he was not nor what his heart was capable of
Just because he was not a man enough to regret

I used to think that he is a man of my dreams
Because he was a man enough who fathered my kids
The flesh that formed part of me and made us one
A that i thought he will be a man enough
A symbol that i wanted my kids to be proud of
Yes i became so unfortunate to find out that he is not who i thought he is.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/10/2018 6:05:00 PM
A sad but common tale well told. Love always V
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