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A Maidens Tale

Many, many moons ago
when the world was young
people were nomads
carefully moving from place to place
this was the age of dinosaurs
a need for caution
mighty eruptions occurred daily
causing large cracks
that swallowed up camps and people

A time when your only thought was
could you make it through another day?
vegetation that was huge
giant Venus fly traps
that could eat you whole
lush bushes that could hide
a dinosaur behind the leaves 

Now after one of the quakes
a comely maiden called Saigon
came to be the only one left alive
seventeen years old and scared
she gathered up some belongings
and set off to the west
she knew there were others that way

For days she walked avoiding danger
at last she could see signs of life
met by men with spears
she told them what had happened
they took her to the head tribesman
he welcomed her knowing of her fame
Saigon was a medicine woman
young though she was, her repute was know

My youngest grandson is very ill
please see if you can help him
Saigon examined the boy
I need moon flowers she said
they lay 60 miles away
they only grew in the blue mountains

The head tribesman sent two fleet warriors
while Saigon mixed the other ingredients
wort, some mushrooms and several herbs
brewed slowly for a day or so
at last the warriors returned
Saigon added the moon flowers

She took the mixture to the lad
cupped his head as he drank
he will sleep now she said
it all happened as she said
at last the fever was broken
a handsome man approached her
thanking her for saving his nephew

Quite taken by Matias she was shy
and hung her head as they spoke
Matias was also very taken by her
a love began to flourish and grow
until they approached the elders
for permission to wed
everyone had taken to Saigon
and wanted to keep her in the tribe
so it was readily given

At the next new moon
they exchanged their vows
and jumped over the broom
to signify they were wed
a feast lasting days followed
as for Saigon she was so glad
to be with the tribe, now she was safe
and had fallen in love as well
happy and content she prospered
living against all odds into her seventies
she passed away content in her bed.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 12/26/2013 12:10:00 PM
Wonderful story, so visual and creative. Jumping the broomstick, how romantic. You have a great talent. your words clearly come from the heart. keep penning. Best wishes. Pete.
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Hamilton Avatar
Shadow Hamilton
Date: 12/27/2013 5:07:00 AM
hi Peter broomstick jumping goes back a long way lol I appreciate greatly your feed back Shadow x smile hug
Date: 12/8/2013 2:04:00 AM
Another excellent story, I enjoyed it Shadow.
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Lamoureux Avatar
Richard Lamoureux
Date: 12/8/2013 8:14:00 AM
I like the name, perfect!
Hamilton Avatar
Shadow Hamilton
Date: 12/8/2013 5:13:00 AM
hi Rick and ty dear Shadow x smile hug