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A Getaway To Ancient Venice

I can still recall the look upon His face Each thought still makes me go to that enchanting place The vernal air was floral sweet and honey breezed We roamed along Venice's zigzagged lanes and cobbled streets On our secret rendezvous,We hugged affectionately under pastel gothic galleries Greeted by the aromatic smell of freshly brewed roast coffee beans Strolling along the pigeon-filled piazza San Marco We wandered hand in hand,in the serenissima ancient floating land Street musicians played their We sat on a roof-top wooden terrace We glanced at merchants sell hand-blown murano glass by the picturesque Doge's palace We ate a snack , then walked away towards the old opera house which now has risen from its ashes. We sauntered forward through little alleys from where He bought me ,a gold painted venetian mask To my surprise ,He had another gift,a wrapped up scarlet sheer laced basque I peered at him through my dark lashes,He raised his left brow and flashed a smile Expressed his charm in playful ways,in a flirtatious endearing style. Boarded at last on a black gondola,cruised the lagoon and the canals A few light kisses,a few soft brushes,waiting the bell's toll whilst in his arms There we lay in waiting beneath the bridge of sighs We sealed our kiss and promised lips,to the harmonic sound of chimes He leaned on me,I welcomed Him,our spirits been entwined Above,the sky has changed its colour,I watched the sun set in his eyes All I am,I gave to him,my enduring heart- His sacred shrine All that He is He gave to me in once upon a time
Not for the contest,but thanks for the 'Lovemaking in an ancient place contest,inspiration'. This post is inspired by Ancient Venice and the tale of 'The Bridge Of Sighs' The tale goes-If you kiss your loved one with the bell's toll of St,Mark's Basilica, at sunset,beneath the bridge of sighs,the couple seals their love forever. There is another tale to it,a sad one,but preferred to share the happy one : )

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 11/11/2014 8:34:00 PM
Your romance possesses everything I love about courtship Charma, the town of historic charm and enchanting vistas, unhurried moments whete chemistry can mate with spirit, the meaningful gifts so delicately descibed, all the senses get involved here...such an ideal love bloom. It is so easy for me to enjoy and envision. This coupling, with it's patient love bloom makes me happy and wanting a similar evening with the woman I cherish Charma...J.A.B.
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Date: 11/10/2014 4:00:00 PM
oh my gosh, ENTER it. this is so awesome, Charma. Romantic as can be!!! I really loved how you called it "bridge of sighs" did you make that up or is an actual term for that bridge?
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Date: 11/9/2014 11:44:00 AM
Good morning Charmaine, I dedicated a poem to you. I hope you like it.
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Date: 11/9/2014 4:30:00 AM
This is beautiful and romantic, Charm! Venice inspires and wraps visitors in its enchantment. A trip on a gondola, passing along quiet, narrow canals on to the wide and active Rialto Bridge area on the Grand Canal is a must for young and old. I never tire of Venice! You have captured its spirit superbly. // paul
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Date: 11/8/2014 10:54:00 PM
truly very beautifully painted charmaine love the picture it drew for me excellent pen dear friend
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Date: 11/8/2014 8:35:00 AM
You are a true poet Charmaine, I was enthralled from start to finish. My sweetie and I wandered the streets of Rome in the early hours before most people were up. It was surreal and romantic.
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Date: 11/8/2014 7:26:00 AM
I forgot to put this in my favourites ....hugs
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Date: 11/8/2014 6:26:00 AM
"Above,the sky has changed its colour,I watched the sun set in his eyes"...Super...I am speechless...Great creations dear...I selected you as my Favorite poet. You are proving it consistently...Hats off...Best to you...
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Date: 11/8/2014 3:20:00 AM
Wow what an amazing style and the magic of your words that captivates Charmaine! loved ur write my dear friend!
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Date: 11/7/2014 11:15:00 PM
You hold me in your words.. Mesmerized in your story. Your pull stronger than gravity.. Selah
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Date: 11/7/2014 9:29:00 PM
"but preferred to share the happy one!" Thank you my sweet, sweet Charmaine! Happiness is contagious... spread it around! Love you dear lady XXXXXXXXX
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Date: 11/7/2014 7:48:00 PM
A very lovely piece . . . I could taste the strong brewed coffee . . . all the best.
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Date: 11/7/2014 7:25:00 PM
This is beautiful Charma...To have your forever...simply divine...hugs Tim
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Date: 11/7/2014 6:58:00 PM
This is a lovely write...and has your signature passion and beauty in every line. You should enter this in the contest. It is magical...
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Chircop Avatar
Charmaine Chircop
Date: 11/7/2014 7:08:00 PM
You know how i am re contests sweet friend..I write what inspired my poem ..maybe at least others will peep in the contest area and join.Miss your poetry Eileen.Its food for.the soul.
Date: 11/7/2014 6:07:00 PM
Charmaine: Oh my gosh, it's too wonderful for words . . . simply superb. Congratulations.
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Date: 11/7/2014 6:05:00 PM
oh Charmaine PLEASE enter it is the contest it is outstanding from start to finish - into faves and a 7 from me!!! Hugs Jan xxx
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