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Famous Heart Of Stone Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Heart Of Stone poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous heart of stone poems. These examples illustrate what a famous heart of stone poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Yeats, William Butler
...athway stood
Until I thought her body bore
A heart of flesh and blood.

But since I laid a hand thereon
And found a heart of stone
I have attempted many things
And not a thing is done,
For every hand is lunatic
That travels on the moon.

She smiled and that transfigured me
And left me but a lout,
Maundering here, and maundering there,
Emptier of thought
Than the heavenly circuit of its stars
When the moon sails out....Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
And sorrow dig its grave within my heart.

Perchance it may be better so - at least
I have not made my heart a heart of stone,
Nor starved my boyhood of its goodly feast,
Nor walked where Beauty is a thing unknown.

Many a man hath done so; sought to fence
In straitened bonds the soul that should be free,
Trodden the dusty road of common sense,
While all the forest sang of liberty,

Not marking how the spotted hawk in flight
Passed on wide pinion through the loft...Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
...pale woman all alone,
The daylight kissing her wan hair,
Loitered beneath the gas lamps' flare,
With lips of flame and heart of stone....Read More

by Service, Robert William
Went weaving down the street,
Leaving the kitten all alone
Upon its stony shelf . . .
And as I haven't heart of stone
I took it home myself....Read More

by Levy, Amy not made of stone,
But flesh and blood, it needs must shrink
Before such thoughts. Was ever known
A woman with a heart of stone?

The doctor says that I shall die.
It may be so, yet what care I?
Endless reposing from the strife?
Death do I trust no more than life.
For one thing is like one arrayed,
And there is neither false nor true;
But in a hideous masquerade
All things dance on, the ages through.
And good is evil, evil good;
Nothing is known or understo...Read More

by Raleigh, Sir Walter 
Only of wantonness and wit.

At love's entreaty such a one 
Nature made, but with her beauty 
She hath framed a heart of stone; 
So as Love, by ill destiny, 
Must die for her whom nature gave him 
Because her darling would not save him.

But time, which nature doth despise 
And rudely gives her love the lie, 
Makes hope a fool, and sorrow wise, 
His hands do neither wash nor dry; 
But being made of steel and rust, 
Turns snow and silk and milk to dust.

The li...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...>Love shorn and naked of its own glad light,Might melt with pity e'en a heart of stone:But none there is to tell their grief or write;These plead within, where deaf is every earExcept mine own, whose power its griefs so marThat nought is left me save to suffer here.Verily we but dust and shadows are!<...Read More

by de la Mare, Walter
...llen courts of sleep:
Whose marble flowers bloom for aye:
And - lapped by the moon-guiled tide -
Mock their carver with heart of stone,
Caged in his stone-ribbed side....Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
And some men curse, and some men weep,
And some men make no moan:
But God's eternal Laws are kind
And break the heart of stone.

And every human heart that breaks,
In prison-cell or yard,
Is as that broken box that gave
Its treasure to the Lord,
And filled the unclean leper's house
With the scent of costliest nard.

Ah! happy they whose hearts can break
And peace of pardon win!
How else may man make straight his plan
And cleanse his soul from Sin?
How else bu...Read More

by Rossetti, Christina
...What would I give for a heart of flesh to warm me through,
Instead of this heart of stone ice-cold whatever I do!
Hard and cold and small, of all hearts the worst of all.

What would I give for words, if only words would come!
But now in its misery my spirit has fallen dumb.
O merry friends, go your own way, I have never a word to say.

What would I give for tears! Not smiles but scalding tears,
To wash the black mark c...Read More

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