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STAND WITH A FACE OF HUMILITY Thou curse a great angel to fall from the heavens of glory and power, though let man build towers for himself alone letting him gaze on earth down. Daggers are unknown but they are directed to oneself piercing six-inches deep in the heart though made unreachacble stars of ruthless dreams, there bete noire, implacable enemies abounds , occurring impossibilities cause bitter torments art a fortress a defense for nothing, nothing?! A sneering wall for a human being the lowly thou had trodden down callused feet has stepped upon. The anon ignorant void of wisdom infuse a poison drops dripping from temptuous cup of sweet assurance, of self-ambition and arrogance. A pedestal thou arts amidst life's superficial ways a courage to lift up a haughty face the narrow rocky roads thou dwell is full of blooms but will the ends refrain from drowning doom? Poor man thou hast enslaved in thy ruthless breaking embrace secured within thoughts of highness knowing not where he will stay. Above, may he think and look unto the ground, a place of fifth to step upon for alas he has partaken from thy cup, so now he's done. Thou made a distance so near yet to very far, unreachable. A human never a god harsh and vicious are the gigantic trials knocking him down Imposing.Intimidating.Haunting. Freezing but must they be? Must they be or should he rather open his eyes and flee to the flying flicks of times? Crepuscular are the cascading days but always they pass epiphanies. A heart of stone melts but from it births the human heart who is able to choose paths which lead them to face the world not with pride but with humility... __________________________________________ Sponsor Name: Broken Wings Contest Name: Any poem trashed in a recent contest ~~6th Place~~ Olive Eloisa Guillermo 12:38 pm. August 01, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Death's Reject

Across the depth of risen fidelity
Lift the ominous evidence of pain
-Through the feint of our soulless warriors
The strength of a weak tiger 
An endless faith that surge  passion
Surely we shall be relived within reality

 Below the bellows of our sunken hearts
 we pulse for comfort in the clueless clouds

Your heart of stone
Valiant as the soul of an eagle
hacking the sage of the sky
I hear that
You lynch the brightest of stars
The majestic of competent empires

Through the thorns and blushing rage
We seek divine atonement to avert this loss

In the uproar of our obscene obsession
We shall dazzle you with a pudding
Or seduce you with our bulging breast
Or indulge you with our overflowing wine
Or rather face your sword until equilibrium is reached
so we can sail above the density of eternal life
 so I ask, Could there be a more demonic strategy
to chastise the fright of this eternal figure?

Your enclosed lid 
an immense propensity to whisk away
So I must plead. Death…
 the grim reaper
let my people go

Copyright © Olajide Adelana | Year Posted 2010

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A Life Sentence

Dear freedom, your sweet innocent voice seems
Now like a distant echo, lost in the wind.
Hopes lost in a set of broken dreams,
With heavy chains, to your heart of stone pinned.

Day by day, night by night, without an end in sight,
Tortured by the ravaging beak of time, flying
With wings of solit'de, displaying its might, 
And hatred-filled eyes, watching me dying. 

These chains around my heart like a vicious snake
Poisoning my soul with darkness and despair. 
A dreadful nightmare from which I will wake
And look into destiny's most wicked glare. 

I stand under shadows cast by heaven's light,
And into sleep I fade, witho't a fight.

Copyright © Andres Rocha | Year Posted 2014

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Strong Point

Evasion, the dagger's sharpened strong point
Slowly has pricked love's joy until now gone
Tedious the effort to time appoint
Verbiage to one who speaks from heart of stone

Fluffy moisture laden clouds float across
the blue sky, gentle breeze stirs heart's desire
Thus love's awakening to you like dross
Intimacy through deep channels expire

Can love's embers be rekindled to flaming
hot Tabasco Sauce, open up cold heart
Let in spring's whispers of love not blaming
Uncork the closed mind to thoughts uncharted

Let not evasion of thoughts and needs trap
Reach forth and receive all from love's tap 


Just for PD
Finished May 16, 2014

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2014

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A time may come, when heart, which is said to be a soft piece of flesh, turns to a stone. A stone beating in your chest doesn’t just free one but opens a shell with magnanimous appealing for solidarity from world. While a smile is wore on the pale face and sound of giggles made back and forth, loud enough, the sound is most relatable to a laughter, but , void of life and energy. In short the sinking holes under eyes which must had ‘v some time given way to a river and the crow lines, gaping emptiness of soul inside this rusting body explicitly trying to define itself in that lifeless forced laughter, but see, a smile and a puff of powder hides everything and frees the mind from the uncomfortable conversations one always want to avoid. So then, smile and wave, sit with a stone in your chest, and be very content with it, because a stone doesn’t feel, nor does it break. Here it is then, free from the conventionality and space in which you breathe, which pledges your personality though the luxuries and beauty on name of blessings, still be grateful on them and fly off from all the possible uncertainties, raging inner self. Then with time, slowly, this nourishment of terror leaves, but with a gift, a heart of stone.                       HN

Copyright © HINA NASIR | Year Posted 2015

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In the great hall walls sung with gold
Silk threads reflect the free fed fires
Stoked high to chase the brutal cold
From listeners as they crowded round

The winter nights wrapped round the thoughts
Of  raging bold and  timid weak
For in the starkness dark has bought
There is a time for Truth tho bleak

When hearts lie fallow with the fields
Awaiting musty earth's spring call
Tis time for dwelling in the past
And staunchly facing life's downfalls

Sometimes there stands a heartless man
Who forced a virgin maid astray
Fails to regret felonious act
That crushed her blooming life that day

But in the dead of winter's nights
When sleep flies shattered with the storm
The man without a conscience bite
Is grabbed as terrors round him swarm

Face of the lovely soiled—beguiled--
Sways not his faithless heart of stone
But fear that swallows light from stars
Swirls horror-- brands him man alone

No faithless heart cares where it cuts
No brutal lies attempt a balm
But vengeance blows upon the winds
To right the path of careless wrong

Sweet treasured is proud Nature’s prize
She guards the simple hearts born pure
Tragic to her when anguish cries
Sees evil treats them as obscure

Sweet are the innocent of earth
Fragile their hearts and tragic cares
They have a champion, though unknown--
Protector of the unaware

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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called my
name, You touched
my heart. You cleansed
my soul and made me
whole. Darkness was replaced
by light. No more would I walk
in the night. My blindness You turned
into sight. My heart of stone you turned
to flesh. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

November 2012

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2012

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Loss of Love

Love lost,
Is never truly gone,
No matter the rents cost,
Love lost lingers on.

She never truly committed to me,
Simply wished for a toy,
A heart of stone you see,
To the softness of a boy.

She was young as was he,
Yet her soul was full grown,
Her mind a tragic soliloquy,
Of what fate had sewn.

The boy was simply a canvas,
And who better than a pained artist,
To take his heart and encompass,
The innocence with a lusted mist.

He knew her as a saint,
She saw a den for sin,
He knew not of the paint,
She began to place within.

Now her ruse is complete,
His love is true,
Her trickery was discreet,
Now to turn brightness to blue.

Love is never lost,
It festers from within,
To the owner it bears great cost,
She lives on, as he lives broken.

Copyright © Lucas Holbrook | Year Posted 2015

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Part 1: FORE SIBERIAN FATE silk wings wet - angel on the lake. starlight glitter separates from the golden wheat. her docile hair, prophecy of ice. winter pink, pinched cheeks. ice skate scrapes - flecks of flakes. the snow queen before her relentless reign, a pretty thing. her smile warms the water, her eyes true glacier blue. Part 2: APOCALYPSE glacier blue eyes thunder, icy waves surprise the tow. it goes under… homemade flakes, bitter bite of solid shards, assails the wicked night. it’s her laugh that shackles the wind, splitting islands, toppling icebergs. her marionette claws control the climate. her blades precisely suffer the ice. mercurial avalanche. thermometer drops. children burrow under blankets. atmospheric fear. dry lines, etched into the snow-white canvas. Part 3: COLD SHOULDERS entrenched in idiopathic insanity a steadfast echo ‘he lied...he lied’ when she could cry no longer her tears crystallized, her iceberg eyes - epic blue. friends’ cold shoulders like disembodied shrugs. misery she cannot shake. one thing she managed to stand over mountain peaks graceful with siberian tiger teeth, shoulders perfectly rounded. her slight figure wrapped in majestic blue - the raw color of her bondage. curiosity of wool-white hair. she often dallied with it’s softness, in the mirror. it could fall to her feet in umbrage, or be whipped up blizzard-like - placated as a braided crown. ‘the fool - he hides!’ she tortures any reminder of his kind eyes, warm smile, kissable lips. Part 4: NO ONE KNOWS she bleeds deep inside - a cavern of stalagmites. her warm heart plunges into an echoing abyss. ‘no one knows…’ sharing would be death. and so she’s buried that bloodied embryo, in the gallows grip of fate. he’d promised her silver, gold, diamonds and pearls. he’d promised her forever. she sought his child. she’d only sire sorrow. thus fate would kick her to the ground. he didn’t know his seed lay in her soil. a fist of fury would pummel all dreams. there’d be icy jewels where eyes pretend. her clairvoyant blues burn for her unborn son. her innocence lost in her north pole irises. she’d not even pause to release him from the grave. evermore, she’d cradle, the doom in her womb. she live for him. the queen vowed to find the absentee father. she’d make him pay, then she’d shatter. spine trembles as the wind howls with increasing fury... Part 5: DESPERATION a tomb buried under snow. the villagers wear eskimo overcoats. unaware that despair drives them ever colder... stern snow whips at lashes and outstretched noses. no longer playful little snowflakes. the tongue cannot endure the sting of ice. knees tremble through compacted snow. shovels a commodity – crippled wooden handles splinter and break. those near the equator also shiver and shake. Their tormented orb hangs precariously in the darkened sky, as the villagers wonder out loud, “why?!” (the snow queen has seasonal rests. she collapses upon her slab of stone. her mind in requiem - cold and comatose.) villagers furiously plant, chop, eat everything green. winter has no habit. it comes and goes with caprice. committee selected to search out answers “when and where did this insanity start?” “is there a who or a why?” they fret not over words, for emotion has become their friend. Part 6: SNOWMEN AT ARMS contact made, with each icicle tap on a man’s shoulder. just in case of age or disguise, she examines the face, the eyes, the expressions of love and hate. she shakes the women, wraps serpentine around their waists, jealous of their size, their youth, virginity. each child she doth despise. her own would be greater, more talented, more handsome. in the winter’s mind these ideas greedily sold, like the shape of a perfect flake. snowmen armed with icicle spears ready to go to war. the village that lends itself to this selfish man will pay. its walkway would become snow-covered gravestones. the one thing that makes her frozen lips curl upwards - the thought of death. her heart of stone does not beat. it bears down like an athlete’s barbell sitting upon her chest. she seems wretched and regal atop her empty sleigh. like an eagle perched, ready to swoop down upon its prey. Part 7: THE RECKONING he laughed when she found him, “snow looks good on you,” humor bit her in the jaw. he had no remorse for his sins “why you were just a pitiful lass.” “look at you now, much lower class.” he grinned, serpentine smug. and she saw her coldness reflected in his eyes. ‘what had she become? his queen?’ an ice queen, indeed! the child she lost, forever ago, bled onto the death pallet of snow. her inner ego humbled. not before him! but before mankind... she recognized the epitome of evil and once again, saw her own shards in his eyes. she didn’t blink, just stared until he broke, splinters from his icy mirror of glass. a minute ember felt in her unbeating heart: ‘they could never forgive me’ ‘winter will fade away’ ‘the best i can bless them with is spring’ ‘they will wonder where i’ve gone, but should not spend one second on that thought’ ‘i shall leave reminders in the stars, in the trees, in hidden caves, not of myself, but reminders of how to love.’ ‘that’s the best i can do, not for me...forget me!’ and winter turned into spring, with lovely things, until the people needed autumn and snow. cookie cutter shapes of hearts, diamonds, and lucky clovers in blue, orange, yellow, red leaves. and love could be smelt again in honeysuckle, roses, lilacs, sweets, and fresh-baked bread. in caves they’d find no more war. just joy and happiness of families holding hands. filling their hearts with pregnant joy, turning them away from jealousy and hate. a time so great...and somehow the snow queen’s heart beats from far away, far below, forgotten but unfrozen, still. The End

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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This world it cruel to use its name
Its ruler has a heart of stone,
Yet all its prisons that I’ve seen
There’s one that’s worse, that stands alone.

Its cells of grief are cold I know
Its bars are strong with rusty stains,
Yet cell on cell with trouble soul
Could not compare with simple chains.

I stand before my window’s glass
There are no bars to block my view,
There is no lock upon my door
No guard that would I run pursue.

I stand and watch the breaking dawn
Its beauty call to me to write,
Yet when I reach to take y pen
I feel the heavy chains pull tight.

Though many walled my prison cell
And bar less every window frame,
The chains of time have bound my wrists
Its shackles on each step a strain.

Though fall may linger by my door
And leaves may carpet all the grass,
I look with wish on wish to write
Through prison windows barred with glass.

Copyright © Rauwolfia Ra | Year Posted 2011

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The Once Heart of Stone

Find mine heart of stone
On thy pedestal o' glass
For if it weigh more
Shall then shatter the mass

Mine heart of stone
Hath weighed me down so
When you came about
Lightly it became to know

That stone became a jewel
Crafted by your grace
And the jewel became diamond
Just by the smile on your face

So be it by your charm
Or by thine eyes
You awakened my heart
Be it awakened, realize

That you as an angel
Gaveith me a key
To which opened a stone
And set a diamond free

So be it known
Now to diamond from stone
This heart will love thee
Because you set it free

Copyright © Matthan Atherton | Year Posted 2010

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untouched love

I admire her from a distance.
As you would a piece of art.
Afraid to say things that I feel.
To touch .Or show my heart.
My body is a vessel. With a heart of stone within.
I fear for all to see it. Or to use it once again.
I wore it on my shoulder . For all the world to see.
It seems I gave it freely . And it got the best of me.
If my life could be started over.
I would pick a different time.
One where I would'nt know her.
Or ever have her own my mind.
If now I was struck with blindness.
If I could never see again.
Her face would never leave me.
Her love always within.

Copyright © Howard Barton | Year Posted 2006

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A Heart of Stone for a Heart of Flesh

Infinite hearts of infinite loves Sent to earth on wings of diligent doves Infinite wisdom with infinite smiles Sent to earth for her turbulent trials Infinite eyes through infinite stars Sent to earth to look at her scars Let your heart of stone crumble in His presence That we may abide in love within our penance Let Him give you a true heart of flesh That we may melt our sins and refresh It has been said that a heart of stone Shall never wander but stand alone It has been said that a heart of flesh Shall willingly wander and always mesh Let Him come inside your hurting heart That we may have joy and a fresh new start. Dec.11.2017 The Good Samaritan Sponsored by: Craig Hawkins

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2017

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You Won't Tell Them How You Lied

Tonight it feels like, the end of the world
Tonight you showed me, you were never my girl
I wonder do you know, what my heart is doing
Well girl it's breaking in two, since you've gone

Go ahead tell those lies, to all your friends
Go ahead tell them, what a big fool i've been
I wonder will you tell them, you have a heart of stone
Or will you call them, and joke about me on the phone

Well be sure to tell them, how you broke my heart
And how funny it was, when I set down and cried
Tell them how, you tore my world apart
'Cause I know, you won't tell them how you lied

You're gonna have to be careful, when you're drinking
You're gonna have to be sober, when you're bragging
You'll have to learn to shut your mouth, when your wasted
Or everyone will no your a liar, and how your mind is twisted

Well be sure you tell them, how you broke my heart
And how funny it was, when I set down and cried
And tell them how, you tore my world apart
'Cause girl I know, you won't tell them how you lied

Copyright © GeorgeKenneth Martin | Year Posted 2007

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Eyes of Fire and Heart of Stone

I see pain in their eyes.
I hear sorrow in their cries.
Inside I break and cry alone,
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

No matter how much pain I feel
I am sure that I will always deal
the way I know..alone
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Others may not know the fear.
They know just what they see or hear.
I come off cruel and cold.
Inside I'm not...I'm just not bold.

I have to thank my mother
for the love she's never shown
The one thing that she did give me...
her eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Copyright © Mary Nagy | Year Posted 2005

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The Days of Yore

       In the days of yore our hearts bore,
       the burdens of that heavy heart.
       Now our hearts are joyful all the day
       making merriment to play because 
       Jesus had that heart of stone rolled away.
       Declaring this forever, the Lord Jesus, who
       had the stone at the tomb moved. This is 
       so that we could view that His body was
       resurrected as He said; "Holy, Hallelujah, Hurray!”  
       Days now full of bliss in God. 

       Faith which is given; for whosoever will, will.  
       Hope is framed with ornamentals of joy.
       Godly pleasures are bestowed: 
       ever moving to that bright perfect day.
       Past and present renewed and time is no more... 

Copyright © Ronald A. Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Guilt Free

A big thank you to those who have been reading and commenting on my motivational series !

Motivational Series #11

Guilt Free

So many years, you dumped guilt on me
From all of your crimes, that I did see
I was your scapegoat, year after year
As you played on my weakness and fear
Those times have now drifted out to sea
You can no longer reach within me!
All that you have done, is yours to face
I have found my new beautiful place
Love has reached me in new ways today
Cleansed me of all blame, sent far away
I have never felt so light and free
From all those heavy burdens on me
Never again, will your harsh words taunt
They are gone and will no longer haunt
Now, your actions are yours to think about
The truth is waiting for you to shout
In all this time, that has passed us by
Cleansing came from the tears I cry
If you choose to have a heart of stone,
It is your choice to hold it alone!
But these words are to show anyone
You can be free from any false blame
It may take time, but can be the same
If you played no part, it is not yours!
You can be free and open the doors!
Erase the words like chalk on a board
Give yourself credit, and play the chord
Your life is your song, for you to hear
To live in peace with a mind that’s clear!

Heidi Sands


Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2019

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Love's Lonely Song

The surf pounds against cliff.
I beat my pillow moaning. 
You are gone, your heart of stone
not swayed by my tears.

Onoko*-san, the bringer 
who has seeded my garden,
return like the sea otter
through the waves to me.

*onoko is the Ainu word for man

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2015

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I am Alice Cooper

Dead babies
All in circles
Dead babies
Screaming, screaming
I hear my name
Over here, over here
One second of birth
I die in flame
Of wombs passion
Don’t be crying
I was always dying

Don’t touch me now
Don’t feel the cold placenta
Tumble down lost one ways
Deep purple tunnels
Swiss alpine meadows
Light and night twisted like vine
I never cry, never try
I was a soft heart when I was born
Now you can touch a heart of stone
The rum and bourbon keep stones wet
Touching me is touching the devil
One day, in that moment in time

I imagine
Holding your hand
The one I don’t know
I take another drink of the devil and laugh
Imagine a cloudy day
That Alice comes to save me
Alice, meet the rabbit
Wonderland is over there
Returning to fantasy no more
Clones and drones and rolling stones
Lovers and strangers
They all seem far away
The darkness calls
I am Alice in wonderland
I have been elected
For death
My name is Stephen

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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Heart Of Stone

Heart Of Stone

What a heart wrenching piece of news..
In today’s spread of daily news…
Boldly headlined ‘Mom: No Forgiveness”
It was about filial hurt and devastated dreams.  

This news worthy piece of news was rather brief..
The reporter was probably  trying hard to be objective..
This news begin with a factual statement of a 10 years’ ordeal..
A 63year-old woman looking for forgiveness, to make amends.. 

There were only two colored photos displayed,
The main one showing a unsmiling woman,
Bagged eyes, resolute and looking slightly defiant…
Her left hand across the bony shoulders of a skinny man.

They were enstranged siblings, getting back together after 30 years…
She is 63 while big brother is 65, the latter must have had tough years …
Gaunt and feeble looking, big brother has been more forgiving,
Brotherly love tirelessly scouring for 30 years for a sister missing…

The second picture, O how it speaks the depths of timeless  hurt and despair..
When it caught and froze a 93 year old mother’s wave of  rejection for reconciliation
There she was, a feeble bent over aged mother, an upraised left hand with open palm..
In her hardened heart, she was dismissing an intruder from revisiting old wounds…

Nothing was written, nothing was reported, the beseeches and pleadings to be heard..
This 63 year-old long lost daughter, unlike a biblical prodigal son, was not to heal a hurt…
A hurt so deep and forgotten, that must have devastated the family and the siblings that day…
When she chose to run away from her home, her parents and siblings on that fateful day..

A lot of water has flown under the family bridge and if you were to read between the lines..
Her unexplained and undoubtedly unforeseen rebellious act of abandoning her home that time..
Was a betrayal that  destroyed and endangered all close family love, dreams and ties..
Even her elder brother too escaped the family nest and for 30 long years he looked for her…

O what a sad episode for a Malaysian family, the trauma and the hurt, the crushed dreams..
30 years of anguish and regrets supplanted by an armor of wilful memory loss and silent screams..
Even at 93, “You ran away all these years without thinking and caring about how we feel”..
A simple statement of truth, how it must have hurt, is there time enough for such wound to heal?

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Dark Rebirth

I smile at the thought of her death,
Evil lies she spews with each breath.

Mystic beauty sends dark shivers,
spindly spine erupts in quivers,

Anger floods her soul, hollow heart.
Laughing in my face, poison dart.

Temptress feigning tears, sets her bait.
For this poor old soul, it's too late.

Succumb to your death, heart of stone.
Burn your evil plan and atone.

Cross to the spirits, take your sin.
Woman of evil shall not win.

Death conquers evil, now she's gone.
Angel takes her hand, come along.

Universe will judge evil love.
Infinite mercy, far above.

Surrounded by love, soul atones.
Redemption is found, fate is known.

Ethereal light waves, final crest.
Meek and demure, her soul at rest.

Angelic choir, hearts rejoice,
Dark spirit vanquished, perfect choice.

Innocent child now brings new love,
Blessings of grace from God above.

Copyright © Kimberly Shaw | Year Posted 2015

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The Little Boy Inside The Man

The little boy that cries inside the man, dry your eyes, why has trouble come for me?
Be still my soul deep from within, where terror reigns supreme.
The night seems long and bitter cold, 
as day turns to night and my heart of stone.
Joy and laughter once close friends on the playgrounds of years gone by, 
where the little boy is now a man, and laughter exchanged for a cry.
How did my life turn down this path and my child like dreams vanish?
All hope has run it's course and left me all alone.
I've cried and cried some more, my tears are all dried up, I'm a boy within a man, and a man without a home.
Who will cry for the little boy, the little boy inside the man?
I've been left here on this street to once again die alone.
Each day that passes like a turned page in a fairy tale. 
This life that I live is real and has become a living jail.
O gentle breeze blow, restore my youth to me, awaken the little boy, the one with all his dreams.
A helping hand called goodness and mercy, angels all around, taking me to a place called heaven, at last homeward bound.
I fell asleep on this street, but never really alone, I have a friend in Jesus, and always had a home. 

Copyright © David Cathey | Year Posted 2016

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The 996th Poem

Fulfilled fantasies and legitimate realities…you do know how to please…
Are you listening to my voice of longing and yearning?
No, don’t backstab me with your broken promises…stop being a horrid tease…
Do not worry, Lord, I am still constantly…learning…

God is here…

I’m scared, so unprepared… my flames are flared…
I’m impaired by depression wars I have fought over the years
Just a hair, faced this nightmare and no one cared
Slayed by the mocking sanity of society…reduced me to tears…

Healing is near…

Exceedingly exasperated by your empty empathy 
Vacant stares flood the room in despair and envy
I adore you, you’re my door of countless opportunities and yet, time flies
Play me on the radio again and again and you’ll find where your heart lies 

Don’t worry, dear…

Rising in the moment of remarkable letdowns
I had a miscarriage of misery a long time ago
You blew up my cellphone with texts, calls and happy frowns
I can do this, I have done this before, I…know…

Cower away from sheer fear that veers the head…don’t let it appear…
Yank away from my dreams…
Turn me on with your musical talents and interests alike
Broken by the useless seams…
Ride me like your favorite, childhood bike…I let go of the mic

Therapeutic aftershocks draw near to me…honey, don’t shed a tear…

Get off of my chest, heart attacks of our love from below above
I’m chasing the water under the bridge over you, can’t you sea? No possibly…no possibility…
Can’t you just leave me be?
I swear without cussing, I was being sincere with my speech you knew not of
My flow is far from yours, so don’t intertwine with my flow of ecstatic me, in need of being free
Can’t you leave my side for now?
Just leave my presence somehow…

Jealousy is key to the gates of selfish ambition, so don’t have the spirit of jeer

You served as a distraction more or less
Sorry I got you in this hell-heaven of a mess
Everything can last a while, but not forever
It is impossible to say what is on my mind whatsoever
I’m a Positive Poe and a Silly Seuss all over again…so, cheers! 
Raise up your wine cups and bubblin’ beers…

My request is to kiss your lips, so warm and lovely
In my tamest dreams, I’ve looked all over for you…you were lying on stones and stix
I am raptured in this love affair; barely breathing, baby...
Do it again…do it again – the verbal abuse is a bruise I fix…you are as hard as billion brix

Going Justin Beiber on you...disappointed, you scoot away from me…drove me to laughter tears…

Plastic reality can’t undo what has happened to me in the past…I’m the mast in Antarctica, left behind at last 
It is the captive soul that needs some healing…I seek something more than what meets the eyes
You are Australia and I am America…opposite directions…we drifted our separate ways oh so vast and fast
Cast away this sorrow from my sullen cheeks and these eyes that are like mood rings daily…it’s best if you don’t ask your what’s and why’s

Instead, you go Lady Gaga on me – good one! At least I’m not going Demi Lovato on you, my wandering deer

Wipe away these lament drops from my cloudy eyes
Because they won’t even consider my cry for help, but hopeless like withered kelp 
Ripen me with radiance and reveal to me no sly lies
No vulgar talk please…he speaks genuine words and hear my helpless, muffled yelp 

If I was your man, I’d be the happiest man alive…like Rihanna that arrives in Los Angeles for the first time…I’m getting it on poetically and popically up in here

I got you in chains in my heart…you feeling it? Are you ready? Do I need to feed you regretti?
You ain’t coming out of my ribcage
Try to plan an escape route…just try and give up already…here’s a celebrated fail with confetti
You make me feel this painless rage

I bit my Cyrus Tongue…hold your tongue before the fire consumes all…or if you whisper it in my ears, you’ll reduce me to ashes...nowhere to roam it appears…

You shelter me with laughter and peace disaster
I don’t understand the words you utter, but I know it screams out those hear-me-out’s
I can’t make out how we made it through this hardship that has torn us asunder 
My ears will listen to you acutely, so I’ll be your butter on warm toast when you let out your desire shouts

Killing me alive by your sensual and passionate nature that give me dream infatuationmares…my obsession towards you is dastardly, disturbingly serpentine to my evanescent heart of stone in a sight’s gleam

I need saving, for I am caving…fell victim to lustful, ugly craving
It takes me to levels of languishing hopes
I know I was unfaithful and misbehaving…force-fed your raving 
My voice of angst anguish…it still mopes

I know my rights and wrongs…
Catastrophe connection lost its link and my positivity peace is in the brink of spring – so, in winter, I sing these sad, sad songs

I was the class clown…in pointless, humor town 
Now, I’m the loner in class
Let’s not categorize others and put everyone down 
I am lost in a multitude alas

Inside and out, I have the hearts for you… and you had no clue
Through silence and shouts, I’m blue without you… so true…

I freaked out suddenly…
It puzzled me and bewildered you too…I’m sorry for my cyber-outburst
Dating goes bad madly…
Needed you really badly, but you were…oblivious of it, it seemed at first

Whistling to myself in a blissful moment of musical, magical muse…
I speak mindlessly with my imaginary friends and it’s amusing because I have some good and bad news…
My Silly Seuss released from my writing of childish conniving
Emerge from the volcanic vanity, scorching…warped-up writhing… 
After being verse-tracked, I have some good and bad news: 

I passed for being the biggest loser on Earth
I failed on being a good leader…
Mirth gives birth to a rebirth of faith hearth 
Okay, fine…I’ll be a follower…

Remember, I am titaniumb and I am Rated R for Recovery 
December, the month in embers…January is a new discovery

Hang on the ceiling, chandelier fear 
The spotlight is on me…once and for all…
After all I’ve said and done, I’m of cheer
Because I fear no more…996th poem, y’all…

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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I Dreamt I Was a King

I dreamt one night that I was a King.
With royal garments sitting on a throne.
Wealth before me I could have anything!

On my finger was placed an emerald ring.
It felt really cold chilling me to the bone.
I dreamt one night that I was a King.

There was beauty but my heart didn't sing.
So many people still I felt alone.
Wealth before me I could have anything.

I wondered, what I should ask them to bring.
Could anything soften my heart of stone?
I dreamt one night I was a King.

Sadly, I could't think of a single thing.
I looked at my subjects I heard them moan.
Wealth before me I could  have anything.

Within my court I heard an angel sing.
Melting the cold with her majestic tone.
Wealth before me I'd give her anything.
I dreamt one night I was a King!

My Carnival poem was an attempt to write a villanelle,
I think I am a bit closer with this attempt.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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The Fisherman's Wife

The surf pounds against cliff
I beat my pillow moaning 
you are gone, your heart of stone
not swayed by my tears

onoko*-san the bringer 
who has seeded my garden
return like the sea otter
through the waves to me

The conch shell echoes your name
you are spirit born, deck lifted
I have burnt incense for you
do not haunt my shoals  

* Three Dodoitsu's which tell the tale of LOVE meant to be sung.
onoko is the Ainu word for man comprised of 3 syllables
“o”, “no” and “ko” which refer to male and female sexual organs. 

EXAMPLE for my contest

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013