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Famous Gnat Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Gnat poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous gnat poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous gnat poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'gnat'.

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by Wilde, Oscar

He was a Grecian lad, who coming home
With pulpy figs and wine from Sicily
Stood at his galley's prow, and let the foam
Blow through his crisp brown curls unconsciously,
And holding...Read More
by Chaucer, Geoffrey

Experience, though none authority* *authoritative texts
Were in this world, is right enough for me
To speak of woe that is in marriage:
For, lordings, since I twelve year was...Read More
by Blake, William
 To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
A robin redbreast in...Read More
by Keats, John

A Poetic Romance.


Book I

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will...Read More
by Lanier, Sidney
 Chapter I.

Once on a time, a Dawn, all red and bright
Leapt on the conquered ramparts of the Night,
And flamed, one brilliant instant, on the world,
Then back into the historic...Read More
by Gregory, Rg
 professor piebald
(the oldest man in the home) was meek
at the same time ribald
he clothed his matter (so to speak)
in latin and (was it) greek
it caused no great offence
to nobody...Read More
by Smart, Christopher
 Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues; give the glory to the Lord, and the Lamb. 

Nations, and languages, and every Creature, in which is the breath of Life. 

Let...Read More
by Meredith, George
 Under yonder beech-tree single on the green-sward,
Couched with her arms behind her golden head,
Knees and tresses folded to slip and ripple idly,
Lies my young love sleeping in the shade.
Had...Read More
by Thomas, R S
 You go up the long track
That will take a car, but is best walked
On slow foot, noting the lichen
That writes history on the page
Of the grey rock. Trees are...Read More
by Chaucer, Geoffrey

But al to litel, weylaway the whyle,
Lasteth swich Ioye, y-thonked be Fortune!
That semeth trewest, whan she wol bygyle,
And can to foles so hir song entune,
That she hem hent and...Read More
by Seeger, Alan
 Florence, rejoice! For thou o'er land and sea 
So spread'st thy pinions that the fame of thee 
Hath reached no less into the depths of Hell. 
So noble were...Read More
by Brooke, Rupert
 The stars, a jolly company,
I envied, straying late and lonely;
And cried upon their revelry:
"O white companionship! You only
In love, in faith unbroken dwell,
Friends radiant and inseparable!"

Light-heart and glad they...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 Wonder -- is not precisely Knowing
And not precisely Knowing not --
A beautiful but bleak condition
He has not lived who has not felt --

Suspense -- is his maturer Sister --
Whether...Read More
by Finch, Anne Kingsmill
 To the still Covert of a Wood 
About the prime of Day, 
A Lyon, satiated with Food, 
With stately Pace, and sullen Mood, 
Now took his lazy way. 

To...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 Who Giants know, with lesser Men
Are incomplete, and shy --
For Greatness, that is ill at ease
In minor Company --

A Smaller, could not be perturbed --
The Summer Gnat displays --
Unconscious...Read More
by Service, Robert William
 Be honest, kindly, simple, true;
Seek good in all, scorn but pretence;
Whatever sorrow come to you,
Believe in Life's Beneficence!

The World's all right; serene I sit,
And cease to puzzle over it.
There's...Read More
by Field, Eugene
 I shall tell you in rhyme how, once on a time,
Three tailors tramped up to the inn Ingleheim,
On the Rhine, lovely Rhine;
They were broke, but the worst of it...Read More
by Herrick, Robert
 Hapcot! To thee the Fairy State 
I with discretion, dedicate. 
Because thou prizest things that are 
Curious, and un-familiar. 
Take first the feast; these dishes gone, 
We'll see the...Read More
by Wignesan, T
Full pummelling fisticuffs
Stitch over stitch
In and out
Imperceptibly kaleidoscopic
Swirling from ear to ear
Thrumming mystical notes
Notes of whisper
Whisper in the ear
Now a bothered swish of clawing
Cleaving slipping fingers
Immalleable rolling universal ball

Microcosmic needle...Read More
by Killigrew, Anne
 LOng my dull Muse in heavy slumbers lay, 
Indulging Sloth, and to soft Ease gave way, 
Her Fill of Rest resolving to enjoy, 
Or fancying little worthy her employ....Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 The Fingers of the Light
Tapped soft upon the Town
With "I am great and cannot wait
So therefore let me in."

"You're soon," the Town replied,
"My Faces are asleep --
But swear, and...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 It would have starved a Gnat --
To live so small as I --
And yet I was a living Child --
With Food's necessity

Upon me -- like a Claw --
I could...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 Size circumscribes -- it has no room
For petty furniture --
The Giant tolerates no Gnat
For Ease of Gianture --

Repudiates it, all the more --
Because intrinsic size
Ignores the possibility
Of Calumnies --...Read More
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