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Famous Cod Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Cod poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous cod poems. These examples illustrate what a famous cod poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...her hand,
 And frae my chamber went wi’ speed;
But I call’d her quickly back again,
 To lay some mair below my head:
A cod she laid below my head,
 And servèd me with due respect,
And, to salute her wi’ a kiss,
 I put my arms about her neck.
 The bonie lass, &c.

“Haud aff your hands, young man!” she said,
 “And dinna sae uncivil be;
Gif ye hae ony luve for me,
 O wrang na my virginitie.”
Her hair was like the links o’ gowd,
 Her teeth were like the ivorie,
Her ...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...There’s a boatfu’ o’ lads
 Come to our town to sell.

Chorus.—The wean wants a cradle,
 And the cradle wants a cod:
I’ll no gang to my bed,
 Until I get a nod.

Father, quo’ she, Mither, quo she,
 Do what you can,
I’ll no gang to my bed,
 Until I get a man.
 The wean, &c.

I hae as gude a craft rig
 As made o’yird and stane;
And waly fa’ the ley-crap,
 For I maun till’d again.
 The wean, &c....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...uth, his lugs,
Shew’d he was nane o’ Scotland’s dogs;
But whalpit some place far abroad,
Whare sailors gang to fish for cod.
 His locked, letter’d, braw brass collar
Shew’d him the gentleman an’ scholar;
But though he was o’ high degree,
The fient a pride, nae pride had he;
But wad hae spent an hour caressin,
Ev’n wi’ al tinkler-gipsy’s messin:
At kirk or market, mill or smiddie,
Nae tawted tyke, tho’ e’er sae duddie,
But he wad stan’t, as glad to see him,
An’ stroan’t on...Read More

by Wilmot, John paint;
The Jesuits' fraternity
Shall leave the use of buggery;
Crab-louse, inspired with grace divine,
From earthly cod to heaven shall climb;
Physicians shall believe in Jesus,
And disobedience cease to please us,
Ere I desist with all my power
To plague this woman and undo her.
But my revenge will best be timed
When she is married that is limed.
In that most lamentable state
I'll make her feel my scorn and hate:
Pelt her with scandals, truth or lies,
And her poo...Read More

by Wei, Wang
...e older. 
...While her master rides his rapid horse with jade bit an bridle, 
Her handmaid brings her cod-fish in a golden plate. 
On her painted pavilions, facing red towers, 
Cornices are pink and green with peach-bloom and with willow, 
Canopies of silk awn her seven-scented chair, 
And rare fans shade her, home to her nine-flowered curtains. 
Her lord, with rank and wealth and in the bud of life, 
Exceeds in munificence the richest men of o...Read More

by Lowell, Robert
...ld South Boston Aquarium stands
in a Sahara of snow now. Its broken windows are boarded.
The bronze weathervane cod has lost half its scales.
The airy tanks are dry.

Once my nose crawled like a snail on the glass;
my hand tingled
to burst the bubbles
drifting from the noses of the cowed, compliant fish.

My hand draws back. I often sigh still
for the dark downward and vegetating kingdom
of the fish and reptile. One morning last March,
I pressed ag...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...on to muster in the Tothill Field: 
Not the first cock-horse that with cork were shod 
To rescue Albemarle from the sea-cod, 
Nor the late feather-men, whom Tomkins fierce 
Shall with one breath, like thistledown disperse. 
All the two Coventrys their generals chose 
For one had much, the other nought to lose; 
Nor better choice all accidents could hit, 
While Hector Harry steers by Will the Wit. 
They both accept the charge with merry glee, 
To fight a battle, from a...Read More

by Nash, Ogden
...ather Of The Man, But Not For Quite A While

So Thomas Edison
Never drank his medicine;
So Blackstone and Hoyle
Refused cod-liver oil;
So Sir Thomas Malory
Never heard of a calory;
So the Earl of Lennox
Murdered Rizzio without the aid of vitamins or calisthenox;
So Socrates and Plato
Ate dessert without finishing their potato;
So spinach was too spinachy
For Leonardo da Vinaci;
Well, it's all immaterial,
So eat your nice cereal,
And if you want to name your ration,
First go g...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...XIX. ? ON SIR COD THE PERFUMED.    That COD can get no widow, yet a knight, I scent the cause : he wooes with an ill sprite....Read More

by Sexton, Anne
...U on your chest and its drummer
and whispered, "Wake up!" and you mumbled in your sleep,
"Sh. We're driving to Cape Cod. We're heading for the Bourne
Bridge. We're circling the Bourne Circle." Bourne!
Then I knew you in your dream and prayed of our time
that I would be pierced and you would take root in me
and that I might bring forth your born, might bear
the you or the ghost of you in my little household.
Yesterday I did not want to be borrowed
but this ...Read More

by Joyce, James
...c Oscar Onesine Bargearse Boniface
Thok's min gammelhole Norveegickers moniker
Og as ay are at gammelhore Norveegickers cod.
 (Chorus) A Norwegian camel old cod.
 He is, begod.

Lift it, Hosty, lift it, ye devil, ye! up with the rann,
 the rhyming rann!

It was during some fresh water garden pumping
Or, according to the Nursing Mirror, while admiring the monkeys
That our heavyweight heathen Humpharey
Made bold a maid to woo
 (Chorus) Woohoo, what'll she doo!
 The...Read More

by Owen, Wilfred
...He dropped, -- more sullenly than wearily,
Lay stupid like a cod, heavy like meat,
And none of us could kick him to his feet;
Just blinked at my revolver, blearily;
-- Didn't appear to know a war was on,
Or see the blasted trench at which he stared.
"I'll do 'em in," he whined, "If this hand's spared,
I'll murder them, I will."

 A low voice said,
"It's Blighty, p'raps, he sees; his pluck's all gone,
Dreaming ...Read More

by Kipling, Rudyard
...the great North Lights above me I work the will of God,
And the liner splits on the ice-field or the Dogger fills with cod.

"I barred my gates with iron, I shuttered my doors with flame,
Because to force my ramparts your nutshell navies came;
I took the sun from their presence, I cut them down with my blast,
And they died, but the Flag of England blew free ere the spirit passed.

"The lean white bear hath seen it in the long, long Arctic night,
The musk-ox knows the...Read More

by Frost, Robert

At anchor she rides the sunny sod
As full to the gunnel of flowers growing 
As ever she turned her home with cod
From George's bank when winds were blowing.

And I judge from that elysian freight
That all they ask is rougher weather,
And dory and master will sail by fate
To seek the Happy Isles together....Read More

by Lowell, Robert
...ess on the blue beard of the god,
Stretching beyond us to the castles in Spain,
Nantucket's westward haven. To Cape Cod
Guns, cradled on the tide,
Blast the eelgrass about a waterclock
Of bilge and backwash, roil the salt and sand
Lashing earth's scaffold, rock
Our warships in the hand
Of the great God, where time's contrition blues
Whatever it was these Quaker sailors lost
In the mad scramble of their lives. They died
When time was open-eyed,
Wooden and childish; onl...Read More

by Hughes, Ted
...freezes the shaggy world
 Like a mammoth of ice - 
The past and the future
 Are the jaws of a steel vice.
 But the cod is in the tide-rip
 Like a key in a purse.
 The deer are on the bare-blown hill
 Like smiles on a nurse.
 The flies are behind the plaster
 Like the lost score of a jig.
 Sparrows are in the ivy-clump
 Like money in a pig. 

Such a frost
 The flimsy moon
 Has lost her wits. 

 A star falls. 

The sweating farmers
 Turn in their sl...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz trembling children and nervous women also
And sick men who were dying with their hearts full of woe. 

But thank Cod they were all saved and brought to land,
All through Colonel Bertie Gordon, who wisely did command
The 91st to see to the women and children's safety,
An order which they obeyed right manfully;
And all honour is due to the 91st for their gallantry,
Likewise Captain Bertie Gordon, who behaved so heroically....Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...L. ? TO SIR COD.         Leave, COD, tobacco-like, burnt gums to take, Or fumy clysters, thy moist lungs to bake : Arsenic would thee fit for society make.  ...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...XX. ? TO THE SAME.  [SIR COD THE PERFUMED.]  The expense in odors, is a most vain sin, Except thou could'st, sir Cod, wear them within....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...the fishes feel, but I can't help thinking it odd,
That a gay young flapper of a female eel should fall in love with a cod.
Yet - that's exactly what she did and it only goes to prove,
That' what evr you do you can't put the lid on that crazy feeling Love. 

Now that young tom-cod was a dreadful rake, and he had no wish to wed,
But he feared that her foolish heart would break, so this is what he said:
"Some fellows prize a woman's eyes, and some admire her lips,
Whil...Read More

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