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Famous Carefree Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Carefree poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous carefree poems. These examples illustrate what a famous carefree poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Service, Robert William
...with no prosy plan,
 To range and to change at will;
To mock at the mastership of man,
 To seek Adventure's thrill.
Carefree to be, as a bird that sings;
 To go my own sweet way;
To reck not at all what may befall,
 But to live and to love each day.

To make my body a temple pure
 Wherein I dwell serene;
To care for the things that shall endure,
 The simple, sweet and clean.
To oust out envy and hate and rage,
 To breathe with no alarm;
For Nature shall be my anch...Read More

by McKay, Claude falsetto trills 
Are rarest notes of gold without alloy. 

But, O Alfonso! wherefore do you sing 
Dream-songs of carefree men and ancient places? 
Soon we shall be beset by clamouring 
Of hungry and importunate palefaces....Read More

by Thomas, Dylan
...the trees and leaves
 Trail with daisies and barley
 Down the rivers of the windfall light.

And as I was green and carefree, famous among the barns
About the happy yard and singing as the farm was home,
 In the sun that is young once only,
 Time let me play and be
 Golden in the mercy of his means,
And green and golden I was huntsman and herdsman, the calves
Sang to my horn, the foxes on the hills barked clear and cold,
 And the sabbath rang slowly
 In the pebbles of the...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna
...k cloth,
Then let the torches be removed. . .


Giggling, poking fun, everyone's darling,
The carefree sinner of Tsarskoye Selo (2)
If only you could have foreseen
What life would do with you -
That you would stand, parcel in hand,
Beneath the Crosses (3), three hundredth in
Burning the new year's ice
With your hot tears.
Back and forth the prison poplar sways
With not a sound - how many innocent
Blameless lives are being taken away. .<...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...Stupidity, woe's anodyne,
Be kind and comfort me in mine;
Smooth out the furrows of my brow,
Make me as carefree as a cow,
Content to sleep and eat and drink
 And never think

Stupidity, let me be blind
To all the ills of humankind;
Fill me with simple sentiment
To walk the way my father went;
School me to sweat with robot folk
 Beneath the yoke.

Stupidity, keep in their place
The moiling masses of my race,
And bid the lowly multitude
Be humble as a peopl...Read More

by Gibran, Kahlil
...has written upon your face. 

Bring Autumn's wine. Let us drink and sing the 
Song of remembrance to Spring's carefree sowing, 
And Summer's watchful tending, and Autumn's 
Reward in harvest. 

Come close to me, oh beloved of my soul; the 
Fire is cooling and fleeing under the ashes. 
Embrace me, for I fear loneliness; the lamp is 
Dim, and the wine which we pressed is closing 
Our eyes. Let us look upon each other before 
They are shut. 
Find me wi...Read More

by Montgomery, Lucy Maud
...I keep for you all your childhood dreams, your gladness and delights,
The joy of days in the sun and rain, the sleep of carefree nights,
All the sweet faiths ye have lost and sought again shall be your own,
Darlings, come to my empty heart­I am old and still and alone!...Read More

by Miller, Alice Duer

The Playing fields at sunset
Were vivid emerald green,
The elms were tall and mighty,
And many youths were seen,
Carefree young gentlemen
In the Spring of 'Fourteen.

London, just before dawn-immense and dark—
Smell of wet earth and growth from the empty Park, 
Pall Mall vacant-Whitehall deserted. Johnnie and I 
Strolling together, averse to saying good-bye—
Strolling away from some party in silence profound, 
Only far off in Mayfair, piercing, the sound 
O...Read More

by Gibran, Kahlil
...rdian. Today I am among women with shallow beauty who sell themselves for gold and diamonds. 

"Yesterday I was carefree, sharing with the shepherds all the joy of life; eating, playing, working, singing, and dancing together to the music of the heart's truth. Today I find myself among the people like a frightened lamb among the wolves. As I walk in the roads, they gaze at me with hateful eyes and point at me with scorn and jealousy, and as I steal through the...Read More

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