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Quote LeftThank you for this community. I was just looking for a place to post a poem and I have found so much more, kindred spirits, purpose, communal love and an opportunity for growth. Quote Right

Comment By: R. D.

Quote LeftSponsors critiquing sponsors - poets critiquing poets in a supportive community; actively commenting, encouraging confidence, skillfully coaching souper friends.What could be better than that? Quote Right

Comment By: C. R.

Quote LeftGreat site, thanks for the opportunity to unveil my poetry. Quote Right

Comment By: a.s.

Quote LeftHi im a 15 yr. old female and will be 16 on July the 10th. I just like to say that I been writing poetry for a long time now and I enjoy this site, to me its better than poetry.com Well thats my opinion. Im loving this site  Quote Right

Comment By: d.b.

Quote LeftI continue to be in awe of your site and the other poets. Love the improvements you are making. Quote Right

Comment By: G.D.

Quote LeftThank you for all your hard work and efforts to make changes to make an already good site even better. Quote Right

Comment By: K. O.

Quote LeftTHANK YOU FOR POETRYSOUP! The website is such an invaluable blessing to poets like me… ordinary words can’t suffice to thank your entire team and fraternity enough. But I’ll still try these two words hoping you get the intensity they’ve been sent with… THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Quote Right

Comment By: W.P.

Quote LeftI just want to say that PoetrySoup makes my day. Everytine I come here it is a joy. I enjoy reading the poetry and responding to the poets.  Quote Right

Comment By: c.b.

Quote LeftPoetrysoup has given me the opportunity to express my feelings. The website is so valuable for beginning poets as well as veterans. It is a place where we can visit daily to unburden the daily challenges of living. It is a haven where the freedom of expression is encouraged. The positive comments are great and infectious enough to enhance creative thoughts.  Quote Right

Comment By: D.A.

Quote LeftYou've charmed us. It is a privilege to compete in the inspirational poetry contests you design and judge. You give this community of poets something to write about; something to reach for; a reason to try new poetry forms; and a way to measure success. Your contests are enjoyable and your efforts are praiseworthy. Thank you! Quote Right

Comment By: C. R.