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Quote LeftThis site is the best. I feel at home here and I get the feeling that others feel the same. Thanks Soup...Keep doing what you're doing :) Quote Right

Comment By: K. B.

Quote LeftDear poetrysoup I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful site ,it makes you work harder at being a better writer! I can honestly say this is the best site on the web. I look forward to coming on this site daily and enjoy the many talents on here! Thanks for everything! Quote Right

Comment By: L. M.

Quote LeftYou people are the good Samaritans in the background giving us a chance to be ourselves..i cant thank you enough....way to go PS. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.K.

Quote LeftI love this site. It allowed me to have somewhere to post my writing and see what people...feel about my work. Thank you. Quote Right

Comment By: M. W.

Quote LeftI wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for new poets who want to get published and ...let others see their work. Quote Right

Comment By: J. L.

Quote LeftI want to say "Hello" to everyone, and let you know that I am glad I found this site! I love it, the poetry is so interesting, and there is always something new to read. All I need now is more time! Wishing you all a wonderful day!  Quote Right

Comment By: b.a.

Quote LeftI would just like to give my loving thanks to those who manage PoetrySoup. No other site that I have been has had such amazing poets, or have given me the confidence I know have in writing that this site has given me. I love you PoetrySoup.  Quote Right

Comment By: K.H.

Quote LeftI absolutely love poetrysoup and having my own acct. Poetrysoup serves as a home to all my poems and is a great start esp. For people who are nervous to show others their writings. Its the first step to feeling comfortable letting your work out to the public. Quote Right

Comment By: A.J.

Quote LeftI just want to comment on how much I have enjoyed my experience here at Poetry Soup, and how much I appreciate all of your comments. They have been very encouraging.  Quote Right

Comment By: P. L.

Quote LeftI am very grateful for PoetrySoup and the expression it allows us in our poetry. I am proud to be associated with this site as I belong to a myriad of poetry organizations worldwide. The talent on this site is incredible. Quote Right

Comment By: L.B.