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The Water Tower

There was once a man who had a family, he was a very hard worker and was honest to the T.
Every day this man would go and work for a one eyed giant who owned one of the largest dams in the world,
this man's job was to make sure he would negotiate all day in order to try to get more water for the giant.
He was treated fairly but his hard work did take its toll and drained this man of his valuable energy.
After working most of his life rightfully so in order to provide for his family;
He accumulated a small tower where he could store his water,
he gathered a very impressive amount.
Something to be very proud of.
There's been enough saved for his family and even enough for his children's children.
This all is on top of the fact that his children were strong and mighty and began their own attempt to acquire their own supply of water.
Now this man had two brothers,
one of his brother had his own water tower and also accumulated a small but rather impressive tower of water.
One day.
The last brother had no water tower and depended on his survival on the charity of his father who surely would not let him die of thirst.
But the father was so careful with his supply that he made sure to only dole out enough to sedate this last son's family's thirst; never a drop too much and never a drop wasted.
You see this last son did not manage his own water tower very good and therefore it collapsed, leaving him without one drop of water,
all he could do from that day forward is dream of the days when he once had a very proud and good looking tower.
One day the matriarch of the family passed away and left a giant water tower that was larger than both his sons supply;
he left it in charge of the two brighter sons,
never the one that was not any good a managing his own supply.
Now the younger brother already decided he had enough water and therefore stopped working for any other water supply,
But eldest son, the one most in charge of the supply of his father,
he was the one most important left to keep an eye on and make sure there are no leaks and protect it;
To keep an eye on and make sure there are no leaks and protect it;
Well, this particular brother decided to go back to his pick handle exactly like a pyramid worked and continue to pick for several more years, it was obvious he was guarented several buckets more of water,
and just could not bring himself to let those few drops go,
so that he can one day pour these ten buckets into the giant well that he was already so full of water.
The ten more buckets will make no difference, he did it out of pride,
he did under a sense of responsibility for whatever reason,
he never stopped to see that he had already accumulated enough water to keep all of his family safe,
and there was absolutely no need to go and exhaust himself like that and self-sacrifice himself any longer.
He did not realize that the ground underneath him had shifted and the whole panorama had changed there since there was absolutely no reason
to keep working for the giant.
One of the brothers just looked on,
because he was very comfortable knowing the fact that he owned part of the water in the big tower,
he knew that one day it would be his therefore he did not care much to try to find water because he knew the rain was on its way.
If only the other brother would wake up and see that there is an over abundance of water and there is absolutely no need to use up all of his most valuable commodity his time to gather a measly few more cups,
Sometimes principals are just plain stupid and there comes a time for everything


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  1. Date: 5/1/2018 8:15:00 PM
    Yes Marc, he should have stopped accumulating the water , and drink it instead. A very nice story ,you have written.I have enjoyed reading it. Have a nice eveningmy friend.