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The History Of Disco

The History Of Disco #7

Last night I went to bed about nine, I was pooped, I suppose the twelve hours of go go go was not enough for me, I could not sleep, ever since I started writing it is as if a Pandora's box has been opened and all these memories have been flooding in.
I went to my computer and just intended to write a few words, therapeutic, as they say, I and I was a bit stressed I would say on a scale from one to ten I was at about; Off the rails #10. I wrote, a small paper called the History of Disco; Damn it, it was good, If only you guys could of been there, it was accidentally erased. My wife had a full on crying attack the other night because she lost a twenty word page email and she said to me, I will never be able to get it back. She was behaving as if she l had just lost the first draft to the Godfather saga,
In saying this I'm going to highlight the best part of my book that I wrote last night
The History of Disco. It can only be compared to the roaring thirties, guess everyone was back to dressing up, like me, I had a black rayon shirt that said Porche on the back, I would also wear a small striped vest, I must of worn that outfit like seven thousand times because I was dirt poor, I must of paid an equal $7000 to dry clean it every week.
I was a student but I always had money, for a few drinks, the girls will just not say one word to you until you buy them that first drink, so they can politely tell you to f off and get up and sit with some other guy, usually a coke dealer; that would always do this little trick called taking a girl by the nose.
I remember lots of laughing coming out of the bathroom, I think they call it getting high must be something knew i don't have a clue.
I never had to resort to that, I had the gift of gab, that is why it is not wise to bring a friend it is exhausting to have to speak for two people
And you will soon find out how good of a dancer, I was, just you wait and see
Would you like to dance, I would ask the madams there, some of them would not even bother to answer you, I was going to use the b word, but I better not. So I had a good time, I never danced on the counter, but I did get up on a table or two. I was a pretty dashing dancer, I inspired John Travolta himself. Let me tell you how really good I was I would get these fancy leather shoes and I learned this little spin like an ice dancer, I knew how to dip and the whole enchilada I knew every move out there, but this spin was original. I want to make reference to that famous ballet, Russian ballet dancer, but I can't think of his name. Anyway, I was dating a beautiful girl at the time; by date, I mean my first date with her or maybe the second who is really counting. One of the first things I wanted to do is get her on the floor to show you my moves. Baby, Here is the setting, the floor was cold, we were probably the first on there, I tried to get a good feel for the ambience and then after a few dips a little romantic tango shit only a child of a tango dancer dad can pull to off.
And that other nice move holding your belly and doing that salsa number it was a one man band, let's get off me for a moment
I went for it my famous spin and it was beautiful man, what form, what elegance, what poetry in motion, what magic. A ten by every judge on Dancing With The Stars even the tough judge Len, would have given me a high score and then something went slightly wrong.
The young miss kind of danced a little too close and entered my orbit, totally her fault, of course, she was hit in the mouth and one of her teeth was knocked out and can you believe that she had the nerve to ask me to help pay for her dental bill and how her modeling career was ruined, I personally thought it helped her looks, listen I did not help pay and just for that I never dated her again and if she would have asked me for another dance I would not of answered her. Two can play that game girl,. Good days, my friends, good days. One day I came into the disco and visited my click and gave them the bad news that disco was dead and there was something new called punk on the horizon; No! They yelled and cried, no it cannot be! Disco will never die. It did my friends, everything dies.
When I arrived at the punk scene, I felt as if I was in my own element. The fighting the bottle throwing, the noise I'm so surprised I'm not deaf. The vomiting the drugs Oh, by now I have to speak to you about the girls there. Mean. So different, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Taking them home forget it. Getting your ass kicked by a girl maybe? They would mess you up just for looking at them wrong, would get you in trouble
Good times, good shows. I saw the Clash live it was exhilarating, I miss the lead singer God rest his soul, so talented that song about Kasbah is the best and London burning
And I also I saw the Plasmatics that I would like to rather forget.
Poor girl the lead singer committed suicide. No one ever bothered to tell her. Then to go and get the help she needed. Young lady you are insane.
It's good to go a little insane when you are young, perhaps you get it all out of your system because some of the news I read nowadays is as a case of them no getting it out of their system when they were young and free
Marc Acrich


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