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The High Holidays

The High Holidays #16

What Exactly happens During A Jewish High Holiday Service

Connections! Today I would like to speak of the time that I personally had a meeting with Mr. Steven Spielberg, Only the most incredible filmmaker of all time. Indiana Jones. Hello, everyone.
No, bullshit, I never met the man.
But I was in his orbit once.
I will explain, My wife had to drag me to a high Holiday temple service and I'm the Big Jew here.
My wife is a convert and since Esther and in the story of Purim saved all of her people in Persia, from the evil Haman once, there is a saying among our people that goes like this, God loves it converts, therefore, I'm no more Jewish than she is.
Moving on, In simple service we were all gathered I felt like the lowest of the bunch, my wife at the time was working for a Cedar Sinai hospital every day she would go and visit the small synagogue there and listen to a few services by the rabbi. One day she will realize that she was only there for that. And that alone.
When we were all gathered in one place I had a strange thought I said to myself, here are all the descendants of the people that left Egypt. Look at them now. Complainers, Doctors, and Shlepaerd, all gathered there in one place to give thanks a remember what happened there once On Mt Sinai, I will spare you the whole comment thing, and besides it is better written in the Bible
During the service two special things happened, lucky us.
The first was that a man was wheeled onto the podium. You could tell that he was very sick, sicker than shit.
And close death's door, believes me.
The rabbi dressed in white, very holy looking, asked for everyone to pray for him.
And of course, who believes in that right.
The next year, so help me the man was standing next to Debbie in line and the Rabbie said to him I remember you weren't t you the guy that was really sick. And he said yes Baruch Hashem I';m now well
The next special thing that happened there is that at the end of the service the Jews pass around our sacred Torah.
And we all kissed it; it is very emotional for all of us and I swear we would all kill each other for the very privilege of kissing it as it passed us by.
Me the name dropper has to tell you that it was our people's champion, Mr Spielberg himself, The very best that we have to offer the world. As far as I'm concerned. I was thinking at the time, forget the Torah, I want to kiss him.
by Marc Acrich


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