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The Coma Patient

The Coma Patient #15

I came across a short story, about an array of things, but mostly about a man in a coma for twenty years

Little critters and other animals will be part of this story

Perhaps you read it about a man who came out of a coma,

That he was in so very long e

After years of being there. I have seen this before, he said that he heard awful things said to him, but he learned over time to forgive them, he also said that they put him in front of the television set and he was given no other choice than to watch, Barney for hours at a stretch for ours, he came to hate The Barney show, for me this would be hell on earth. To be out here be tortured like that. My heart goes out to you buddy, I heard that he is married now and moving forward in his life. What is my point, you may ask; it is this. I believe that all of you care takers, should stop and think about the profession that you have chosen and evaluate it because the people in vegetative states that you are treating and helping are perhaps are just as awake as you and me. Saying this will summon someone. Me champion this cause.I will start a petition that says that these people should have headphones on with soft Zen music on or give them boogie Woogie that is up to someone wiser than me; someone else perhaps Eminem? So I would like to imagine a future of people who were so unfortunate to be in a position like that. Give them a headset for God's sake take out of the billions that were given to you to help the elderly and in living in another dimension, perhaps if only one of them is in the place where that young man was. Then the whole project woulds be a success and we can say that we are doing the human thing and taking care of our own family, the family of humanity and now I will break out in my rendition of giving peace a chance By John and Yoko; And I will be changing my name to Sister Teresa
By Marc Acrich


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