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The City Cowboy

The City Cowboy #12

I would like to first let me tell you a little story, bear with me. I'm going somewhere with this. When I lived in Los Angeles a few years ago. I lost my mind and turned into a cowboy, I bought the shirts spurs hat, pants, boots the fake sheriffs badge; everything, including a very expensive saddle. I was going to give it to a charitable organization, children that are blind for my nice saddle, what a beautiful thought, but I'm not Francis of Assisi, I was thinking about this time in my life, I was very stressed so I would leave my work every day about one o'clock and went straight to the riding stables. I had my favorite horse Joker, would you know it Corkie? If you would really want to know, I was battling an addiction this way. My wife thought that I was goofing off like always but I'm not anything like that, I'm no where near that.

I used to say to myself anything, it is that I always want to knock off as many birds as a can person, little did she know when I was on that trail I was using a little know invention called a cell phone. And this is comical, the shirts I bought one in particular was bright red like Howdy Doodie time, next to the trail were thousands of cars on their daily commute and on the side of their freeway, now what goes through a person's mind when he sees a man on a horse with a red shirt in the middle of the day, lucky dude. Oh the funny part is doing business while riding now that is hilarious. One day I suppose I saw in many,

Jonh Wayne movies and hit the horse on it's ass with the my whip, stupid I know, no one has to let me know I already know. I have done many stupid things to many to count. The day I hit the horse with the whip he took off like a bat out of hell, I lost my reins and was tredding very fast, if you saw me it was like a slinky up and down and then I said Marc! Flying of this horse is not an option, I was able to lean down and able to secure the reigns, I called me the and the horse down, now that was a close one. Of course I had to go back for more, but this time I took Debbie with me; now Deb has experience, really, let her tell her tale. The day we went I was very excited, I picked, Joker up and we chose a beautiful Palomino brown coat for Debbie. I do not know anything about horses, I don't. Really anyway, everything was very pleasant, until I was on the trail with her talking with her and suddenly she was gone. Her horse took off for home, this is the way it is if you do not show the horse who is the boss. Anyway, I ran after her you would think I was Geronimo on a horse. Later I was told good one if Debbie would have fell you would have run her down. Debbie almost lost her life that day if it was not for having experience and holding on for dear life, it would have been the end. The last experience I had was to ride a young Arabian white horse, It was quite something, like having a motorcycle under your legs the compactness the swiftness it can only make you think of times long ago. I did not do much with that ride to tell you the truth galloping fast is a bit scary, I now live somewhere where I can ride all day if I would like, but you know what? I think that I had enough, I have all the reins and all the equipment it's a reminder for when I lost my mind to some kind of crises or was it just plain fun like always? My perspective on life
By Marc Acrich


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