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Shoe Fly Don't Bother Me

Shoe Fly Don't Bother Me #2

It is no secret that one of my wishes, on my bucket list is that I wish to become a writer. Not a published successful, Mr Castle kind of writer. Anyone can scribble their x on a paper as the Indians did when all of their possessions and rights were taken away from them just put your X. I mentioned once about writing it is clear to me that I did not totally get a good grasp on the English language, I'm being from another land and began my studies at seven. Let me tell you something that ever second language person knows. It's hard, just the other day I mentioned to my wife that to this day I cannot understand why you put one l after wonderful and two LL' after full, and please don't let me ask you the whole thing about the word sea; it's very confusing when you are just starting out learning. But I have a funny story for you. Here goes let me open my memory box and see what I can find? My first class I America was with a very kind teacher in this school. He truly embraced other cultures, he taught us the basics of English and the this Harpsichord instrument called a harpsichord are there any still around or am I ?

I'm going to see one on the antique road show. So here is the hilarious part is coming there is a classic song called a shoe fly, shoo fly don't bother me shoe, fly don't bother me shoo fly don't bother me, who can remember the rest of the lines? At home, we had my mother's cousin who had been here for several years and had visited us that night. What do you think with all of her knowledge, all her wisdom what did we come with? We needed to know what a shoofly was.

She looked at us and said. I know what a shoe is. And, I know what a fly is. But a shoe fly I have never heard of, I wonder how long it took until we realized what we were actually asking


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