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Pushing the clouds away

"But I've wandered much further today than I should
And I can't seem to find my way back to the wood
So help me if you can, I've got to get
Back to the house at Pooh Corner by one" - Kenny Loggins

The house sat on a steep hill. You could barely see it over the wild copper-colored weeds overgrown in the vast fields. Christopher Robin ran up the hill, his legs pumped as he jumped to the last step up on Pooh's porch. His heart pounded, all around him he could hear birds chirping, in the bright morning sun he turned around to look down on his town. It felt a million miles away, yet he knew if he walked back it he would reach it in thirty minutes or less, if he ran. He brushed a strand of light brown hair away from his yellow polo and knocked gently on the wooden door. "Yes, come in" a sleepy voice replied. Christopher grinned and found Pooh head deep in a jar of honey he quickly grabbed a honeycomb and slid a muffin in front of Pooh's plate, "Pooh bear, have a muffin, save some honey for me, silly bear" Pooh popped his head out with a light laugh and took a bite. He swallowed and looked around. The small home was decorated modestly, a small quilt blanket wrapped over a wooden rocking chair. The hexagon stained glass window made rainbow chrome shadows dance on the walls. Pictures of Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Owl and Christopher Robin were scattered above the kitchen sink. The sink was filled to the brim with old dishes dripping wet from the recent wash. Delicate notes of honey hung in the air. Honey was a gift of gold to hold forever. "We must go and count all the bee's in the hive, will you help me, there are so many I can't keep track of them" Pooh asked. "Yes, let's go" Christopher replied. He took out his pocketbook and climbed on top of the couch. "First let's start with the one that has been buzzing around the ceiling fan" "Oh, good find" Pooh chuckled, after that they strode towards the back of Pooh's house the path was long and winding, dirt kicked up from Christopher Robin's brown shoes. He laughed and pointed to the clouds "There are so many today, will they ever go", "They don't" Pooh replied. "What do you mean" Christopher asked. "Well, I have been living alone for what seems like ages. Sometimes I get so lonely. These clouds gather, and I just don't know how to make them disappear" Christopher dropped his pocketbook. They stood at the edge of the road for some time before the pocketbook was picked back up. "I think the clouds are there because it can't be sunny all the time" "Sometimes you have to sit in the shade, but you don't have to sit alone. Let me sit with you, I am your friend after all, hey let's push these clouds from the sky". Christopher thrust his hands up, he looked like he was getting ready to slam a serve at a tennis match. He jumped up and grunted loudly. Pooh looked around worried that Owl would see them. He winced at the opinions Owl would have if he saw Christopher acting so strange. "Hey, do it with me" Christopher urged Pooh. Pooh looked at his young friend lovingly. He knew Christopher had not ever left him, in the days between their time together Pooh felt stranded on a boat with no oar to row home with, on these days it was such a long way home. It was a strange feeling that lasted for days, weeks even. He couldn't quite shake it no matter what he did. He went to Owl to see if he could cure him, Owl suggested running, tea, baths, readings and lastly crafts. Pooh ran about a length of a bathroom rug before he clumsily tripped over his feet. He drank tea but after five cups his head began to spin. Baths were a nightmare when he got in, the water flowed out. No room for Pooh, even in a tub built for two. Pooh tried to use pintrest, the blue glow of his computer that Christopher bought him last Christmas ran late into the night as he stiched and glued. In the morning he had meant to make a dream catcher, he realized he accidentally got the tabs of his browser mixed up and was learning how to make his own fishing rod. He saved the rod, least he accomplished one thing that weary morning, Pooh told himself before waddling into bed. He was shaken from his daydream by Christopher. "Hey, I did it, I moved that one away - Look" He pointed to the sky. The bright blue sky stood behind white fluffy cotton balls, the cloud Christopher was pointing to looked ironically like Eeyore, a large, stuffy donkey with a generous nose. Pooh smiled, the cloud was heading to west. There they stood on rocky ground, but the sun had come out. Pooh blew as if blowing out his birthday candles, "Look I'm pushing the clouds away".


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