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My A.A. Meetings

My A.A. Meetings

Have you have never been to an A.A. Meeting or any kind of support group, you said no Well, it turns out that when I went for years I would share yes, my wife, this and my wife that,

One time. I would go to an all men's meetings And there were doctors and lawyers and men from every walk of life addiction does not have a preference, it and there was me An opportunity to be the old class clown

Oh, I belonged there no question about that. But hear this! One rainy night, not sure if it was a full moon or not, we all had our umbrellas in a basket, that is where you put them all together,

I could make a signified reference, but I won't because I hate plagiarism When we left, we all went and got are umbrellas like good little children would. Well, I had a particularly beautiful,

umbrella it was a gift from another merchant, and it was a gift to him from the Ray Ban Co and it was sleek, Well, when Markie Pooh went to get his pudding, instead of my nice sleek, masculine Hollywood hills umbrella.

There was only one left with a duck for a handle. Now I ask you once again folk's Is that not a pisser. If that is an appropriate word to use here, even though the word is from the 1950's

I can't think of any other word Well, needless to say there was another week, an opportunity to share this with everyone. Oh, I shared my story alright,

I shared my story at every AA meeting there for the next 9 months and I always mentioned the ass--- that took my fm umbrella None of you know me, I don't know me!

No one knows me! When something is taken from me, I will come for your leg, maybe it's not supposed to be like that, maybe I'm wired wrong!

I told you about the super ball incident and how I made the father pay me 50cents I did not mention that the dad did not hand it over until I had to practically throw a rock at him Who know's, that was A.A. Criminals, boozer,

drug addicts, was it any surprise my umbrella was missing, you know what is the worst about ending up there, no one is willing to admit they belong there,

that is why some of them jump the wall It's a sense of wrong and write and I think, I might of taken it too far I think about the last time I went there;

I said I was willing to let it go I know something about addiction just because you top taking drugs or stop drinking you do not become an angel over night, the stories I could tell,

but I won't because, I do have respect for anonymity. Although one time I tried to pry a real priest of young girl confessions, at a dinner table no less;

but he would not budge and that's another story I was given true help when I needed it! By the team at the Cedars Sinai hospital,

my dad flipped a one harry bill If it was today I would insist on the Malibu rehab and all these guys and gals who get sober and two weeks later they are teaching others how to sober up,

Can you imagine that is like me going in to get my cold taken care of and I come out a doctor

Now I'm doing shtick again What is referred to as a rehab, listen once you land there its the rest of your life and very few really make it out of addiction,

You have to admit you broke And you cannot put yourself back together again. And you might keep an eye on yourself,

Because there is a little something called acting out, and I might be talking to myself here Like poor Mr Hoffman, the actor,

my heart goes out to him and his family I wanted to finish by saying something constructive But I went off into six different directions and lucky for whoever is reading this, otherwise it would have become longer,

I have to tell you this,

Another thing; really I cannot part without it There was a hospital that would go to for A. A.

Meetings and of course everyone gave a little bit of money like the church plate,

The plate makes everyone very uncomfortable by the way who ever is in charge They put a very responsible person in charge of the money,

It's for someone really down and out and probably to save him anyway, this person, had to get up in front of like fifty people and explain where the money went,

Now is that a low or what? But there is even a lower step When I was in the, who know's what grade. I had a gardening class and we were given radish seeds.

I of course took a bunch and put them in my pocket for safe keeping The teacher gave a heartfelt speech Explaining that there were not enough seeds,

I had to get up and empty my pockets, not the first time mind you. Now that was a lower low, than the last low I mentioned Thanks for letting me share.

By Marc Acrich


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