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Mr H

I would like to tell you about another close call I had with becoming a millionaire, there was a person that came into my life via my wife Debbie, since she worked in the movie industry, In short her superiors were the owners of a Movie studio called Sunset Gower Studios, something I would like to speak about in further detail, First let me tell you about the time I use to visit my wife at her work, There was an office next door to her where she worked it was a from a famous producers office from the 1940's when it was called Columbia pictures, I walked away with a no smoking sign from there, not stolen given.

It was left in its original form, I use to go in there and grab an Emmy and wave it around and say to Debbie, I want to thank the Academy for this honor! How many people do you know that held a Grammy? Big deal right? But so much fun and the vibes I absorbed, those vibes. The family called the Picks the owners of many properties, theirs was a heavy notch family who built a big part of Hollywood. Moreover, Mr Pick owned most of Sunset Blvd, he built the Hyatt Hotel there. He was a Holocaust survivor and the pain is always in these peoples' eyes, they just know how to hide it, and now there are so few of those survivors, I ran into a hand full of them in my lifetime men with numbers on their arm it's just a reminder of how evil the world is to each other. It's not even a Jewish thing with me anymore, its just a painful lesson for all humanity, it is a stain that can never be washed away This man took the time to speak with me once. I was so immature and so young and so privileged to have a person like him just touch my life for a moment.

This is a very classy Jewish family very powerful Hollywood elite, I hope my family is like his one day that is my wish for our family to rise up.

His son Marc Pick would make me tremble just being even near him, He became a lawyer and took over the studio when he was thirty three years old, my father would not let me take over a toilet that is how much faith he had in me. One day we will meet and I will tell him so, I will tell him that he got it wrong about me, I'm not a retard or slow and just because he had no faith in me does not mean anything, I by the way asshole you should of never compared me with my older brother it was not fair he was three years older than me, eye the field is leveled now

My father made it very hard for me in my life. Just made it harder for me and but it gave me much more hutzpah. And I took him on many times, Mr Dick!

Switching subject here,

Anyway ____ talked to me about some weird ass shit, He spoke about the Red Cross being around since the Crusades and he was very illusive on everything he said, ____ had a lot to do with changing banking laws in the United states, something that I read about but I do not have a clue it's on the net, he told me when he was working in a place selling property this bum asked him if he could have a word for moment because he had a small piece of property that he wanted to sell, ---- did not want to be bothered, but the polite gentlemen he is, he said OK, it turned out to be one hundred miles off the coast of California near San Luis Obispo. This person, when he was younger had invented the Bic pen and was so rich, ____ moved in with him and studied this man's business way, he said that this strange looking person with bad hygiene, spent all day on the phone talking to people all over the world. When the six moths were up, ---- sold a little house for fifty thousand dollars and gave it to him to say thank you for the education. Mr --- told me that there were buildings in Beverly hills that were like bunkers and special families can go there in case of a nuclear attack. ---- Took care of my refinancing needs when I was going down, he had me sit down with a pastor and he told me Marc! You have to get out of the market. My accountant tried to do the same I remember his words; now Marc I'm saying to you this like son. Son! Son of a bitch, can't anyone see I'm trying to make a buck here.

This is how close I came ---- went on to become some kind of producer in a studio in Culver city I had a friend who was an actor, who stabbed me in the back so hard it still smarts today. I even financed a movie he made just to help him out, when I have money I would just give it away This friend had a mother who asked us to please do her a personal favor and let her son stay with us; he turned out to be not a true person after all I did for him, it's all water under the bridge now, I tried to reach out to him and let bygones go, my wife said I was a fool and he never answered little does he know these stories about being a rich man, I will not say anymore, let's just say all my dreams came true

Back to the ole pasture, he was not aware I was unreachable I set up my friend Keith and his two writing buddies a meeting in a studio in Culver City with the producer of the Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis yes, yes fucking little me, I of course was going to get my commission. And it would of been so much I imagine, the commission, is that not the most elusive word in the English language my commission never seems to come true, it's some kind of cat and mouse game the universes has been playing with me all my life, he keeps putting the dam cheese in front of my face and one day I'm going to bite his finger off, in closing, I just want to say, I know ---- was part of the illuminati explaining why wars come so that hidden money would come out of hiding places, I think ---- is part of the illuminati and it touched my life, connections, synchronicity, thanks, ____

---- Had a big big diamond ring, it must of been like two carrots, I of course had to go get myself one not just as big, mine is called a princess cut, so gay, but I did it. I bought it in a pond shop for nine hundred smackers, I wanted to be so much like ----, as I was putting it on; these two unsavory fellows came in and the person in front of me had a gun in his hand, I was just concerned about the ring he would not budge and I had to pay for it, when I stepped outside these heroin addicts started to sell me some old coins from the 1700's they were real of course I just sold them for 22 million, you believe me right. In closing, I wish to say i need to go back and separate this story into five new stories, i am about one year in the future now, and my mind is completely new I will keep writing until I can get away from telling old memories into creating a new original story

By Marc Acrich


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