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Famous Tom Daschle Quotations

Best famous Tom Daschle quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Tom Daschle. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Tom Daschle.

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Quote Left As the representatives of the people we are here to declare that our resolve has not been weakened by these horrific and cowardly acts. referring to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Quote Right
Quote Left Literally minutes before the Senate cast its vote, the administration sought to add the words 'in the United States and' after 'appropriate force' in the agreed-upon text. This last-minute change would have given the president broad authority to exercise expansive powers not just overseas -- where we all understood he wanted authority to act -- but right here in the United States , potentially against American citizens . I could see no justification for Congress to accede to this extraordinary request for additional authority. I refused. Quote Right
Quote Left To support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is to come down on the side of hope for the millions of Americans suffering from diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer to Parkinson's to diabetes, Quote Right
Quote Left It involves greater surveillance. It involves improving the working relationship among federal and state and local agencies. It involves more border control and border opportunities to deal with those involved in crossing our borders, Quote Right
Quote Left I'm equally dismayed that House managers have already chosen to contact witnesses. And then, to announce a witness reluctance to participate until they know the circumstances, that is in clear violation of the agreement that we had last week. And I hope it's not a harbinger of the politicized process that we have all said we oppose, Quote Right
Quote Left I think that it's so critical when you make a request to the Congress to authorize and appropriate $38 billion for homeland security, somebody ought to come up and explain just how you're going to spend it, ... Those issues are going unanswered in large measure because Mr. Ridge refuses to testify. We just have to find a way hopefully without the use of coercion to have those questions answered for the record. Quote Right
Quote Left I've never seen an administration in all my years which is more intransigent, more unwilling to work with Democrats or across the aisle, ... It is amazing to me -- it is breathtaking -- how remarkably unwilling they are to sit down and try and find common ground. Quote Right
Quote Left With regard to fairness perhaps the most important element is to ensure that we provide the bulk of tax relief to working families. Quote Right
Quote Left merely replacing Secretary O'Neill and Lindsey is not a solution. With our economy stalling, unemployment rising and confidence suffering, it is clear that we need more than new faces. We need a new plan to stimulate our economy now. Quote Right
Quote Left I couldn't believe that we would actually commit $8 million to create a Web site that would encourage investors to bet on futures involving terrorist attacks and public assassinations, ... ... I can't believe that anybody would seriously propose that we trade in death ... How long would it be before you saw traders investing in a way that would bring about the desired result? Quote Right
Quote Left I think that there is an implication here, as they've done throughout this debate on Iraq, that if you oppose the president, your patriotism ought to be questioned, ... Meet the Press. Quote Right
Quote Left It is our intention, of course, to try to do all we can to improve that bill, ... We want to ensure that seniors have access to these drug benefits through Medicare itself. We want to make sure they know what it's going to cost. We want to make sure they know what they can count on with regard to the benefits themselves. Quote Right
Quote Left It was important for us to be as supportive as our candidates and as our incumbent senators would have us be. Quote Right
Quote Left That report is now a month overdue, ... We don't yet know what the administration's official position is as a result of their unwillingness to share a report with us. Quote Right
Quote Left I acknowledged that concern, and it is for that reason that the Intelligence Committee is going to begin this effort, trying to limit the scope and the overall review of what happened, Quote Right
Quote Left The strong-arm tactics being used by the administration are clearly backfiring, Quote Right
Quote Left We are awed by their sacrifice and their bravery, and we want them and their families to know that they have the profound respect and gratitude of every American, Quote Right
Quote Left The horrific tragedy [Tuesday] is another illustration of the need to do an array of things, Quote Right
Quote Left In 1981 ... I sat in the House chamber when another new president talked to the American people about stimulating the economy, Quote Right
Quote Left They're rolling a dice and in my view they're going to come up the big losers, ... They think there is some political resonance in this but that's not what I hear. Quote Right
Quote Left The president and his advisers must accept that continued legal jousting serves no constructive purpose, Quote Right
Quote Left We don't know what effect this will have yet. We do know that it poses some serious questions regarding our relationship with our allies, with Russia and with China, that we're going to have to consider very, very carefully, Quote Right
Quote Left explain to the American people why they want to use Social Security trust funds for the tax cut. Quote Right
Quote Left All along, the administration vowed their policies would be painless, Quote Right
Quote Left We need to stand together to give our first responders the tools they need ... to protect our communities from terrorist attack and other tragedy. Quote Right
Quote Left It's hard to express how angry I am about these attacks, how proud I am of the brave response on the part of my staff ... and so many others, Quote Right
Quote Left Our view is that there has to be some way ... to deal with this matter beyond the question of conviction, and we think censure presents that opportunity and we will be planning to propose that at some point, Quote Right
Quote Left The reason why we're facing that deficit is because of the tax cut, so I hope that no one will be misled or in any way fooled by this notion that somehow it's the downturn of the economy or it's the war on terrorism, Quote Right
Quote Left As we speak, the Senate is in session, Quote Right
Quote Left harass, intimidate or discourage voters. Quote Right