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Tara Quotations

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Quote Left What needs to be discharged is the intolerable tenderness of the past, the past gone and grieved over and never made sense of. Music ransoms us from the past, declares an amnesty, brackets and sets aside the old puzzles. Start a new life, get a girl, look into her shadowy eyes, smile. Fix me a toddy, Lola, and we'll sit on the gallery of Tara and you play a tune and we'll watch evening fall and lightning bugs wink in the purple meadow. Quote Right
Quote Left Silence is golden... but it's also boring. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Tara

Quote Left My mom always told me to look at the bright side. As if I need cataracts. I'm already nearsighted. Quote Right
Quote Left Odin, my wisdom Thor, my power Vidar, my silence Frey, my prosperity Idun, my life Njord, my ocean Oestara, my earth Loki, my laughter Baldur, my kindness Fenrir, my rebirth Yggdrasil, my eternal home I AM NORSE, I AM VIKING, I AM MY OWN FATE, FUTURE, PRESENT AND PAST. Quote Right
Quote Left That last hangover felt like Tarantino directed it. Quote Right