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Famous Sylvester Croom Quotations

Best famous Sylvester Croom quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Sylvester Croom. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Sylvester Croom.

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Quote Left And it's going to be tough to do because he went almost 11 years without losing a conference game. That's not going to happen now. The times have changed and I think it was probably a period that will never be duplicated in this conference again. Quote Right
Quote Left I think the good Lord is testing me more than he's testing them, ... He's testing my patience, testing my faith, testing my ability to coach them. I'm going to pass the test. But right now, I got to check myself more than anybody else. Quote Right
Quote Left In some ways I think his legend is growing, I think it's getting bigger, Quote Right
Quote Left [Last February, one of the first major decisions he had to make as coach was determining the fate of leading returning rusher Nick Turner , who� had� struggled academically and had plead guilty to passing counterfeit money. Croom ultimately dismissed Turner from the team but allowed him to keep his scholarship for the spring semester so he could leave the school in good academic standing.� ] If a kid doesn't get that degree, it's going to affect him, his family, the kids he's going to have, ... That's a heavy burden to have. I agonized over that decision for a week. Quote Right
Quote Left The offensive system is what it is, and it is never going to change, Quote Right
Quote Left We came out on the plus side on all of them, ... The defense did give up the touchdown in the red zone, and that's something we'll have to correct. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm not worried about him making it and doing well. It's just what round is he going to be taken in that's going to determine how much he's going to get paid. I want him to make as much money as possible. Quote Right
Quote Left Today was disappointing. We wanted to see how (the players) would focus, and we came out here with no concentration. Quote Right
Quote Left This week has never been about just football; how could it be? Quote Right
Quote Left We need to get in a rhythm. It's hard to throw all the time. Quote Right
Quote Left Whatever it is, it's not good. Quote Right