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Sucker Quotations

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Quote Left The best advice one can offer to both press and public is the suggestion Ronald Reagan himself gave to students in Chicago ... Don't let me get away with it. Check me out. Don't be the sucker generation. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Listen... If you can't spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, YOU are the sucker. Quote Right
Quote Left There's a sucker born every minute. Quote Right
Quote Left It used to be if a bird had a severe contamination, you condemned the sucker. But nowadays my own supervising inspector says, There can be no more bad birds on your tally. You've had to many. Quote Right
Quote Left Never give a sucker an even break. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Sucker

Quote Left You'd rather French kiss a rattle snake than try to bully me, sucker! Quote Right