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Famous Sorin Cerin Quotations

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Quote Left Every Universe exists depending on the Knowledge that reflects it and not in its absence. It is absolutely true that our ancestors saw this universe before and after we were born and this is why we think that the Universe exists irrespective of our existence. It is an illusion as big as the Illusion of our Life with our entire universe, because our ancestors too saw the world through these senses that we have too, they were human being too, a part of the human race. For the members of a tribe, for instance, their Universe expands up to the borders on their Knowledge of this world. If these borders are very small, the world will be very small and the other way around. Our Universe will look completely different to an animal, even if we think it sees the same images we do. It is true that we are aware, in the Illusion of our Life that the animal sees the same images, but he will interpret them differently, depending on his level of competence, which will entail a different image of the Universe. The same happens with human beings, who think based on a Logical Coefficient 2 and cannot conceive a world where the beings think and see an universe based on Logical Coefficient superior to the one of the man. That world and the universe that will include it will be completely different to the one that reflects and includes our world. Then the meaning of the man�s existence in this world which is for us vanity of the vanities, for a different thinking belonging to a different Logical Coefficient, can be something different. Quote Right
Quote Left No matter how hard it is, true love is also the result of an accident in the dream of our life, and that accident is an event that happens in our soul. This event can be in another transcendental reality a volcano, a butterfly, a mountain or any other possible image we cannot even imagine. Quote Right
Quote Left Paradoxically, all these wonderful dimensions that we want for our being are completely missing, being a hope, a dream about the perfection of the being. Then this hope and dream of perfection is materialized in the vision we have on our soul mate. Moreover, if we are under the impression that we know what we would want as perfection, it always remains a mere false impression and nothing more, because then the event of a Great Love occurs, we realize that what we thought to be perfection is false, and the novelty of the new imagine on the perfection embodies by the lover makes us feel that intense feeling of suffocating love, precisely because we find our new standard for perfection, which becomes this way superior to the old one. Quote Right
Quote Left Is enough to look at the Middle Ages, at the Inquisition and on the ultra religious societies that, through their fanaticism, make an enemy of and have to eliminate everything that goes against them. This leads to the exacerbation of dictatorial Evil, to the most monstrous images that can be reflected in the mirror of Knowledge by this world with Destiny. Since this world has a Destiny, it means that everything occurred only once before our world was under the Print of our Creating Factor and everything we see already existed before we did, except for the fact that they occurred in the same Accidental Occurrence, while in our world with destiny they happen in successions of Intended Occurrences. There is a big difference through, because they determine a frontier between Illusion and the Image of this Illusion, on one side and the Print that was reflected in the Mirror of Knowledge, on the other side. This difference, that accepts the succession of events of the Intended Occurrences which determine destiny, since they are predestined by the Unique Accidental Occurrence which is our Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one, it makes have a Free Will vision on the world, because we illusory believe all the Intended occurrences can be influenced by the past Occurrences, which is completely wrong, because all of them are Intended Occurrences. If the Free Will does not exist, can we indirectly influence from another point of view a certain succession of events that occurs in a illusory man in our world? Quote Right
Quote Left All of this are the image of Knowledge, the image of the Matrix Word of Knowledge in which the Matrix Word of Love is reflected, and not the Matrix Word of Knowledge itself, because it is made definitive by the Absolute Truth and Absolute Truth is precisely non-Knowledge, so the true face of Knowledge is precisely non-Knowledge, which is the Mirror in which Love is reflected and not the image of love in this mirror of Knowledge. The Mirror itself is non-Knowledge thus defined by the Absolute Truth, while the image given by the reflection of the Matrix Word of Love in this Mirror which is the Self of the Matrix Words of Knowledge represents the image of our worlds, of the worlds which have a Destiny, where nothing in Knowledge, but the Image of Love reflected in Knowledge. Thus, when man knows a new universe, he creates his image of love reflected in the mirror of Knowledge, an image of love he references to this mirror of Knowledge that is precisely non-Knowledge. Quote Right
Quote Left And then, what is the spiritual being that does not know its Sacred Self? But knowing it means to refer to non-Knowledge and be an Image from the non-Knowledge as well. Then I ask again: what is the spiritual being that does not refer its Sacred Self to non-Knowledge? Is it the Spiritual Being that no longer is an image of its own destiny in non-Knowledge? Is this being truly spiritual when the Absolute Truth of Knowledge consists precisely of non-Knowledge? Or in not knowing it? Quote Right
Quote Left By loving, the man acts on himself by acting on the image of his own love with Holiness and then on the Destiny which is the image of the Love of this world. Only this way the destiny can be changed if man knows the most of his image, which remains unchanged, and this is Sacred. The image of the Destiny is sacred, because it is the ultimate form of love. Looking at the Holiness in the man we look at his destiny. Through Holiness, man acts on his destiny by understanding it, by better knowing his image, projected in this world. This is the only action man can make over destiny, knowing the most of it, but only through Holiness. Quote Right
Quote Left Sunset is the wail of Time and sunrise is its smile. Quote Right
Quote Left Absolutely anything is Necessary is a part of this dream, just as non-Knowledge is the Absolute Truth of Knowledge, which we will never find out itself because non-Knowledge cannot be known, just the same way as the Necessary has a truth as his opposite. No! I shout it loud and clear. All these monstrous tragedies through which mankind went through throughout its historical evolution are not necessary. They happened because of ignorance, stupidity, meanness, contempt, desire for power and any other causes due only to the fact that Man lost somewhere throughout millennia his Sacred Self. Quote Right
Quote Left Through suicide, Man will completely triumph over Death, over everything that alienates him from himself and that once used Death as pretence, because nothing was more sublime and wrong in the history of the social evolution of the human being than Death, which was and still is now, subconsciously the Self Absolute of the Man! And yet, we must live! Quote Right
Quote Left Even though I have not loved from the beginning this wonderful soul, even though I have long disappointed and tortured it with my apparent instability, I have come to understand that when you do not seek you will find and when you do not love from the beginning you will live the greatest love, that will become the love of your life. Quote Right
Quote Left Who are the Saints? They are people who succeeded in loving more than others did, that found more or less the Path of the Sacred Self, the path to the spiritual fulfilment. They are humans that have come to understand that only by walking down the path of Love they can understand the most of the infinity of the Destiny. They are humans that also know that everything they know from the infinity of that Destiny is less than an element in reference to an infinity of other elements. These are the Holy Men that have come to understand that Free Will does not consist of changing the Destiny through some intervention on it, but in knowing new and unsuspected images of this Destiny-which cannot change the world, the Self of this world- but who can change the Image of this world. This is way, Man has to always be a religious being who must love, love so intensely as to become Love, Holiness in which to believe and to turn the faith in religion. Quote Right
Quote Left So that we can truly admire this wonderful painting we will have to know ourselves first of all, to accept our limits and understand that if we really want to have access to this wonderful painting of the existence of the world of the Logical Coefficient 2 we will have to look inside ourselves, to see first of all the unlimited Universe, to recognise the infinite from which we were conceived and that lies in each of us in order to be granted access to the infinite outside us. Quote Right
Quote Left Manâ??s Self would like to be able to remember the future because this is why he always directs his hopes towards it, but he can only do it when it becomes the past. Quote Right
Quote Left Man's life is knowledge and that's all. If the Man didn't knew life he didn't exist. Quote Right
Quote Left This is why man creates his own universes when he Knows them, and these universes can never be prior to man because they are mere images of the vanity of vanities that will make whole man�s thirst of solidarity with the Infinite, the Absolute and the Plenitude dusted by so much stardust of its own illusory image of life. To claim that Man�s God is independent of him is a fiction, because this God is a God of the man�s Illusion of Life because it cannot be any other way, because this the only way in which man can determine and recognize it, because only this way can this God exist. Quote Right
Quote Left In spite all that, we still donâ??t really know what this dream called Life is, as we donâ??t know anything of the other one called Death. Quote Right
Quote Left Living a life that in fact lives them, as well as death dies them every moment since the triumphal birth in order to die. Quote Right
Quote Left Where do we people go if not towards the perfection of our own illusion? Quote Right
Quote Left Rain drops are not the ones who bring the clouds. Quote Right