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Rowing Quotes

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Quote Left A lot of people go through life like they are rowing a boat. They look at where they have been (the PAST) rather than where they are going (the FUTURE). Quote Right
Quote Left Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you put in the work, you can own the dream. When the work stops, the dream dissapears. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Rowing

Quote Left "Growing up never gets out of style." TiNa Art Quote Right
Quote Left Like a flower growing through the cracks in a stone, your beauty is bestowed by your endurance Quote Right
Quote Left If the Rose is wild, then she must be growing, and to grow cannot be a bad thing. x Quote Right
Quote Left I am throwing stuff away like the mad woman that I am, and my soul is on fire with joy about it. Quote Right
Quote Left If growing up means forgetting Carousels, red Candy apples, and making funny faces, I will never, no never grow up! Quote Right
Quote Left The seed of success is not always the one from a successful background only. Even the ones formed out of hard surfaces makes their breakthrough if they focus on growing greener without self pitying their past. Quote Right
Quote Left "Growing up in a home with a sister does not mean you have experienced any of the same relatives." Quote Right
Quote Left "Everyone in the neighborhood gave me a piece of themselves when I was growing up, which is why I do for others." Quote Right
Quote Left You stop growing when start living out of your learned cliches. Quote Right
Quote Left People who want to die young because they are terrified of growing old, are missing the main purpose of life: to get wise and knowledgeable. Experience transformed into knowledge and understanding is the utmost treasure and a gift that we can acquire if we focus our life toward meaningfulness. Quote Right
Quote Left He was like a wall I kept throwing balls at but they would bounce back and hit my own head. Soon I wanted to find- "Who wins- the wall or the skull " !! Quote Right
Quote Left To all of you people who have uttered nuances about me, 'go fuck yourself'. I'm finally going to allow myself to say it, i am better than you, because i worked harder, longer, endured hell and kept my dignity, while remaining generous among all the abuse and jealousy. There is strength growing in me. Perhaps, it's called womanhood. I'm wielding power, so step off me. Quote Right
Quote Left Children do have a way of bringing us back into focus, usually throwing a slow curve that ends up being a strike to the heart of the matter. Some large lessons of love have come to me from much smaller sizes than myself. Quote Right
Quote Left Growing old is not a curse but a blessing ,that you have come so far and achieved so much. Cherish each moment , share your wisdom and live the present. Quote Right
Quote Left Decide your career yourself cause it's like a marriage you have to keep growing and going Quote Right
Quote Left The difference between a poet and a published poet is just one revision. A single word can change an entire verse. Never discourage any poet who says, 'I want to do better.' Telling a poet to stay status quo is to tell them to stop growing. It is sabotage. Quote Right
Quote Left Anxiety is like a growing fear someone is behind you with a gun. You know they are not there physically, but you know they ARE there in your mind. It isn't rational, but few things are in human lives. The point is, it DOES exist to that person, and should be recognized as such. Quote Right
Quote Left Beautiful things are all in life just like our way of growing...freedom to grow is freedom at will. Quote Right
Quote Left A flower plucked, soon dies, a flower left alone and admired for the beauty, keeps growing and is admired by self and many Quote Right