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Famous Richard Boucher Quotations

Best famous Richard Boucher quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Richard Boucher. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Richard Boucher.

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Quote Left Along with the 12 existing international terrorism conventions and protocols, the Nuclear Terrorism Convention will strengthen the international legal framework to combat terrorism. The convention will provide a legal basis for international cooperation in the investigation, prosecution, and extradition of those who commit terrorist acts involving radioactive material or a nuclear device, Quote Right
Quote Left If confirmed, I will work closely with other US agencies to bring to fruition the initiatives Bush and Singh agreed to in Washington last July. Quote Right
Quote Left reestablish a certain sense of local authority and policing without involving the remnants of the regime or the torturers who once plagued the lives of ordinary Iraqis. Quote Right
Quote Left The United States was prepared to offer economic and political steps to improve the lives of the North Korean people, provided the North were dramatically to alter its behavior across a range of issues, including its weapons of mass destruction programs, development and export of ballistic missiles, threats to its neighbors, support for terrorism, and the deplorable treatment of the North Korean people. Quote Right
Quote Left We understand that conceding to terrorists will only endanger all members of the multinational force as well as other countries who are contributing to Iraqi reconstruction and humanitarian assistance. Quote Right
Quote Left I think you'll have to check with the Europeans as far as what their package will involve; whether it's anything new or whether it's just what they've always made clear, that there were certain benefits in the relationship that wouldn't happen without action by Iran on nuclear and other matters. Quote Right
Quote Left U.S. diplomatic efforts are being coordinated with the international community in order to help diffuse tension between India and Pakistan, ... The crisis, though showing signs of abating, is not yet over. Quote Right
Quote Left encouraged and pleased to see that the countries of Latin America stood up for human rights and democracy in their own region, especially with regard to Cuba. Quote Right
Quote Left In some ways, you could say he's assisting Ambassador Burns, and Burns has the overall context of achieving those steps of ending the violence and working on the timelines for confidence-building measures and getting back to peace talks, Quote Right
Quote Left We have been working with Italian authorities, and we'll continue to work with them as they investigate those who have been arrested. Quote Right
Quote Left utmost restraint to avoid harm to civilians. Quote Right
Quote Left funds for family planning and reproductive health will be spent through U.S. Agency for International Development programs and not through the U.N. Population Fund. Quote Right
Quote Left At this point we are waiting for the final approval from the Saudi government. We will keep in touch with them. We think this can be worked out. Quote Right
Quote Left It's absolutely imperative that Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority act immediately, undertake all possible measures to pursue and apprehend those responsible for these horrific actions, and ensure that the organizations responsible are unable to commit further terror. Quote Right
Quote Left we do feel that it's important to tell Americans about the security situation near the border. Quote Right
Quote Left The secretary expressed his strong support for the progress that's been made in the relationship and the hope that we could see even more progress, including on the military-to-military relationships. Quote Right
Quote Left Each post will look at its security posture and reopen at an appropriate time. Quote Right
Quote Left It's a global initiative with global reach and it's aimed at stopping the flow of weapons of mass destruction, missiles and related materials. Quote Right
Quote Left We will not rest until all of the terrorist criminals responsible for the attack against the USS Cole are located and brought to justice. Quote Right
Quote Left Reports being compiled paint a very disturbing picture of the events and the government of Uzbekistan's reaction to them. Quote Right
Quote Left In this context, we think the Palestinians have not done enough to fight terror and to end the violence. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the unfortunate, maybe inevitable, side effects of that is that we're probably going to see a rise in violence as NATO spreads into this area in an even more dense fashion. Quote Right
Quote Left reinforce our already grave concern that Iran is seeking technology to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons. Quote Right
Quote Left We are concerned about the violence and particularly regret the loss of life. But the parties themselves have committed a serious effort and are committed to a serious effort at the negotiating table. Quote Right
Quote Left We're open to this prospect. We're indeed talking about it with other people, but at this point I can't draw to a conclusion. Quote Right
Quote Left are committed to identifying all the perpetrators in this crime and bringing them to justice. Quote Right
Quote Left I wouldn't describe it a fait accompli ... We look to keep making progress on the issues of concern to us, and want to make sure that any further steps are part of that progress. Quote Right
Quote Left We'll deal with it the same way we have been dealing with it -- by being transparent, up front and open about our policies and what our soldiers do. Quote Right
Quote Left is returning to normal. Quote Right
Quote Left I can't program every step of the way of what would, we would hope, be a coordinated series of steps. But the intention is to go to the next round of talks and to begin addressing these issues in a way that's appropriate for the beginning of the process. Quote Right