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Plication Quotations

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Member Quotes About Plication

Quote Left Someone said my poem was “a moving piece”. They gave me the gift of epiphany. The implication being that everything from each of us is part of a whole. Each experience, thought, intent, action or utterance, is a “piece”. This is why art is a portal of sorts, a gateway or a bridge. It links us one to all. Each artist, an engineer who builds a “piece”, constructed from the light inside their soul. Each point of light that shared provides illumination of our greater whole. Quote Right
Quote Left Changing ones thunder (destiny) is another strongest thing in man's world. It strike and lightening may be nipped in the bud via supplication It strike and lightening may never go under vicissitude because it an ordained strike that has been issued in the preserved tablet. It strike and lightening may change in tone not in your period, perhaps the next generation, maybe another generation, maybe another generation. So is how trespasses visits to. Paciolo Pen saint??? Quote Right
Quote Left The complexion of your external perplexion is the definition of your internal complication. Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing is improvement, that makes complication. Quote Right
Quote Left Drive, hunger, application and endurance creates champions, the ability to repeat that when all is achieved creates legends Quote Right
Quote Left Your knowledge is asset to you. And mastering the knowledge to a real application assert worth to it. Quote Right
Quote Left For so long we have glorified the creator while crucifying creation. But not until the last tree has been cut down, the last river has dried and the last fish has died will we realise the replication of our actions. It is now, and only now that we can act to save the earth Quote Right
Quote Left The beating heart of creativity comes from application and a willingness to be burned at the stake. Quote Right