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Famous Nancy Pelosi Quotations

Best famous Nancy Pelosi quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Nancy Pelosi. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Nancy Pelosi.

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Quote Left It is an embarrassingly trivial response to the culture of corruption that has thrived under this Republican Congress. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel sad for him today, and for his family. But I even feel sadder for the American people, who have had their lives affected by the culture of cronyism and corruption that exists in Washington. Quote Right
Quote Left Despite all the talk of bipartisanship, they have just, on their own, unilaterally, put forth a proposal that will result in a whitewash of what has gone on here, Quote Right
Quote Left As the senior Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, I have seen nothing that says Saddam Hussein has nuclear capability -- to either develop a weapon or to launch it, and certainly not to launch it to the United States. Quote Right
Quote Left The partisan proposal that Republican leaders outlined yesterday is completely unacceptable, ... House Democrats will not participate in a sham that is just the latest example of congressional Republicans being the foxes guarding the president's hen house. Quote Right
Quote Left There is no question, of course, that Saddam Hussein is an evil person, does terrible things, is a threat in the region, and we'd like to see him removed from power, ... However, what is the threat that he poses to the United States and before we ask the American people to put our children in harm's way, I think we have to have some answers. What is the threat? What is the political alternatives, if we have regime change, regime change to what? Quote Right
Quote Left The Republicans on the Hill are clueless in the Capitol when it comes to job creation, ... The Republicans are now dithering over a feeble bill which will not meet the needs of the American people and ignores the opportunity for job creation. Quote Right
Quote Left a partnership with the people in the region to build new housing, revive farmland, repair infrastructure, construct schools -- to rebuild your communities, to rebuild your lives, to restore your economies. Quote Right
Quote Left The debate over prescription drug coverage comes down to a question of values, ... President Bush and congressional Republicans have continually chosen to place a greater value on tax cuts for the wealthy than for prescription drugs for seniors. Quote Right
Quote Left It appears we will only be given one month for that national debate. Quote Right
Quote Left Congress will provide our servicemen and women with whatever resources they need to accomplish their mission, ... The president's spending request on infrastructure will be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny. Quote Right
Quote Left To have a commission appointed exclusively by President Bush investigate his administration's intelligence failures in Iraq does not inspire confidence in its independence, Quote Right
Quote Left I think we had a natural disaster, we all know that for sure. I think we had a second disaster in the manmade mistakes following Katrina, Quote Right
Quote Left 'He said Quote Right
Quote Left If you say . . . this is for a narrow universe of calls, there is absolutely no issue with getting a FISA warrant for that. Quote Right
Quote Left must consider our future in Iraq. Quote Right
Quote Left They'll take food out of the mouths of children in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest. Quote Right
Quote Left Unfortunately, President Bush's tax panel is a Trojan horse, using so-called simplification to cut taxes for the wealthy while increasing taxes for middle-class families, Quote Right
Quote Left We have a duty to protect the American people from terrorism, but also to protect law-abiding American citizens from unaccountable and unchallengeable government power over their personal lives, their personal records and their thoughts, Quote Right
Quote Left could have been sent the first day. Quote Right
Quote Left The free world must not be fooled by China's token releases. Quote Right
Quote Left will leave a terrible scar on the relationship. Quote Right
Quote Left We must be sure that every vote that is cast is a vote that's counted, Quote Right
Quote Left [Democrats challenged Bush's arguments on the Iraq mission.] The president went into Iraq under a false premise, without a plan, and has totally mismanaged our involvement, ... Now he is trying to justify his actions with a series of excuses. Quote Right
Quote Left [In the face of declining poll numbers for the president in the wake of the Katrina disaster and a growing dissatisfaction with the general direction of the country, the DeLay indictment put already defensive Republicans, who control the entire government, further back on their heels.] [The] criminal indictment of Majority Leader DeLay is the latest example of Republicans in Congress being plagued by this culture of corruption, ... This all extends to the White House as well. Quote Right
Quote Left [Bush's critics say his response to the hurricane proves that he's not a leader.] Oblivious, in denial, dangerous, ... blame game. Quote Right