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Famous Mohamed Elbaradei Quotations

Best famous Mohamed Elbaradei quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Mohamed Elbaradei. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Mohamed Elbaradei.

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Quote Left If we are able to put the authority and information together and bring to closure (the) issue peacefully and avoid a war I think that would be the best outcome for everybody concerned. Quote Right
Quote Left We are the ones who have the most credibility, not because we're the only ones who are trustworthy but because of who we are -- we are the representatives of the international community; we have the independence and impartiality that create that credibility, Quote Right
Quote Left This is simply a new phase of diplomacy, an extension of diplomatic efforts to find a solution. Quote Right
Quote Left It is urgent and indispensable that we continue to build a global security system that is both equitable and inclusive. Quote Right
Quote Left I would urge Iran in the coming weeks to show proactive and accelerated cooperation, and to demonstrate full transparency by providing the agency with a complete and accurate declaration of all its nuclear activities, Quote Right
Quote Left Unfortunately the picture is still hazy and not very clear as to the scope of the program and the nature of the program. Quote Right
Quote Left We are reaching a critical phase but it is not a crisis. Quote Right
Quote Left The Nobel Peace Prize is a powerful message. A durable peace is not a single achievement, but an environment, a process and a commitment. Quote Right
Quote Left a state of play of where we are, what we have achieved, what is left for us to do and an assessment of the degree of cooperation we are receiving from Iraq. Quote Right
Quote Left Challenging the integrity of the non-proliferation regime is a matter which can affect international peace and security. Quote Right
Quote Left run its natural course. Quote Right
Quote Left We are concerned from what we see in the newspaper, that there are some seals which have [been] tampered [with]; there are radioactive sources that have been stolen. We do not know where they are, we do not know the impact on the civilian population, we do not know whether nuclear materials under safeguard have been looted, Quote Right
Quote Left a reckless, reckless step. Quote Right
Quote Left If a state has the ability to do that (enrich uranium or plutonium), that means that it is only a few months from producing nuclear weapons. Quote Right
Quote Left Everybody's still talking about diplomacy and I'm very hopeful that as long as we talk about diplomacy, as long as we're not talking about enforcement measures, sanctions, et cetera, we are on the right track. But we need to accelerate the process. Quote Right
Quote Left So, we need to delegitimize the nuclear weapon, and by de-legitimizing... meaning trying to develop a different system of security that does not depend on nuclear deterrence. Quote Right
Quote Left the slow progress of the nuclear-weapons states toward making good on their commitments to move toward nuclear disarmament -- with 27,000 warheads still in existence -- is creating an environment of cynicism among the non-nuclear weapons states. Quote Right
Quote Left I cannot confirm this. Our inspectors have taken samples they will report to the board. Quote Right
Quote Left No prohibited nuclear activities have been identified during these inspections, Quote Right
Quote Left What we have seen today coming from Korea gives me a lot of encouragement that issues as complex as they could be can in fact be resolved if good faith on all sides exists, Quote Right
Quote Left I'd like to see Iran do all they can to build confidence. Quote Right
Quote Left We are inching forward with the inspections, but we need more time, at least a few months. Quote Right
Quote Left Mohamed ElBaradei , Quote Right