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Quote Left You know how in high school you do these plays and people come up after the show and they're really excited for you? Well, that's what's happening to me right now. Quote Right
Quote Left I always like to reveal the fact that the emperor has no clothes. And children are best at that. They teach us how to see the world in that sense. They are without artifice; they see it for what it is. I am drawn to that ruthless honesty. Quote Right

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Quote Left Wayne Gretzky was pure skill poured into skates.—Michael R. Burch Keywords/Tags: sports, hockey, NHL, skill, talent, genius, miracle Quote Right
Quote Left - Let's vow we'd care for Nature's unique miracles - Quote Right
Quote Left "The life of a believer in Christ should be supernatural. Miracles should be an everyday occurrence, and casting out demons should be a daily schedule. The only reason we don't see that a lot today is because Christians are either losing faith, or too scared to step out in it." Quote Right
Quote Left To reach for equality within inequality is a miracle which is attainable, if true desire is present. Quote Right
Quote Left Clarify your doubts, find the direction, invest time in planning and then see what miracles you can create. Quote Right
Quote Left O conceito impresso na palavra moralidade é sempre mais elevado do que a lei e os direitos à vida própria, a vida dos semelhantes e ao trabalho. Nunca se pode – no mínimo se deve – esquecer isso nunca. Os mesmos velhos sentimentos de homem das cavernas - ganância, sonhos de poder, inveja, violência e ódio mútuo, que assumiram pseudônimos respeitáveis como tudo para salvar vidas, luta racial, luta de massas, luta sindical – vão continuar a despedaçar o mundo da Pós-Pandemia. Quote Right
Quote Left When you learn something as a child, it is easy to accept the magic of the miracle. Later we have all that extra knowledge in our head getting in the way. Quote Right
Quote Left Sempre é assim. Existem requisitos para que uma pessoa seja rica e bilionária. Um requisito nunca existe sem o outro. O primeiro requisito é relativo a se capaz de compartilhar todas as curiosidades honrosas, ser rica em admiração e livre de inveja, alegrar-se grandemente pelo bem das outras pessoas e amar com generosidade de coração. Esses são os presentes da fortuna que o dinheiro nunca pode comprar e sem os quais o dinheiro nunca compra nada. Quote Right
Quote Left I am in my room and power is not suddenly power comes and you thanks for it because you was praying for power now on the other side you look their is still no power in other room what does is it a miracle no apart from the same meter God can do possible things but we are bound to each other that the reason don't be curious about our repecpted vedas or religious words We are Like fish of same Sea With love all Jagdish Bajantri Quote Right
Quote Left Desde sempre respeito é uma admiração. É capacidade de ver uma pessoa como ela é e de ter consciência de sua individualidade única. Respeito é uma admiração e um querer. Aquela pessoa que respeita deseja que a pessoa respeitada cresça e se desenvolva para o seu próprio bem e de sua própria maneira, e nunca com o propósito de servir à pessoa respeitosa. Quote Right
Quote Left Grandpa raised me to listen to the whisper of grace, tracing out miracles on the edge of my faith Quote Right
Quote Left "Do You want me to tell You what's wrong with the World Today? People became Afraid others would think they're Insane for Believing in the Miracles Science or Theory can't Explain." Quote Right
Quote Left Any healthy person who willingly takes one of these new untested rushed profit making miracle China virus vaccines is a__insert sentence enhancer here__ idiot! Quote Right
Quote Left Each of God’s miracles has a logical explanation according to the atheist but how does one explain the existence of the atheist to God? Quote Right
Quote Left The Finest Beauty of Ourselves Is Found Within Each Other It Is Through Love And Friendship Our Lives Become An Accumulation of Miracles Quote Right
Quote Left The truth welcomes all of the facts. Here is one for you, friend: If we are all here and woke up whole this morning today, we are all miracles, with clean hands. We are the only ones; to make, and keep them dirty. Our Creator's Love Forgives; gives; forever lives; so should we; yes; why not us? Quote Right
Quote Left The labor of courage and triumph is the miracle of fortitude to endure adversity with victory. Quote Right
Quote Left The writers,the women that interest me, that make me alert to the fact that there is more to “IT” than just vacuous moonbeams & miraculous waters of ambrosia swimming with castrated unicorns,are the ones that inspire me by their strength,courage & raw honesty & they are the ones who usually arrive to light through tumultuous dark days & haggard life experience, not by sitting in a green field threading daisy chains singing,"he loves me,he loves me not"- they are the ones that always win with me. Quote Right
Quote Left "Arugalas", poems that have a life of their own. Often they are confused with miracles because they can be both beautiful and important. Quote Right
Quote Left God give you exactly what you need, when you least know it is needed, as it is always on time... His time... miraculous... Quote Right
Quote Left True heroes, are made... they are not born with talents, they are blessed by kneeling to the King. David took on Goliath, as he had no doubt. May your days be full of the Mighty Miracles of HIS birth, death and resurrection... Blessings to you... bells that ring in the Holidays, only when you want them too, and are never "alarms". :) Quote Right
Quote Left "What is life but a mirage of lies? It knows no bounds for its empty words" Quote Right
Quote Left Stars had no chance of witnessing such miracle Quote Right
Quote Left Hope is a miracle. The word holds the essence of everything worth waiting for, or yet to come. Quote Right
Quote Left The biggest and loveliest miracle of today is you yourself! Quote Right
Quote Left Many an obstacle to make a miracle. Quote Right
Quote Left No excuse for miracle of life disrespected in all forms. Quote Right
Quote Left Darkness just a mirage of blind eye; if I can open everything of my inside will find nothing else; just life of light Quote Right
Quote Left Miracles happen when you work on you. Quote Right
Quote Left When you look up at the sky and you see a rainbow. Capture that moment in your mind, for that is a true miracle in itself.. Quote Right