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Famous Mack Brown Quotations

Best famous Mack Brown quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Mack Brown. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Mack Brown.

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Quote Left It�¹s a compliment, because it�¹s a place we haven�¹t been in a long time and it sets our standard even higher, ... We also understand that the percentage points and the rankings can change weekly. What we have to do is concentrate on winning. That's the only thing we have control over. It�¹s only October, and what we want to do is to be one of the top two teams in December. Quote Right
Quote Left We couldn't make a first down running the ball. They were tough and got after our tail. They'll bring an excited bunch in here. I'm sure they'll want to get away from the distractions of the family issues with the flood, and they have nothing to lose. Quote Right
Quote Left They beat Nebraska in Lincoln, and we all know that's tough to do, ... They totally dominated Kansas State. ... Too much has been talked about the first three games instead of the last three. Quote Right
Quote Left We need to get rid of the Oklahoma stuff and get focused on Colorado. Quote Right
Quote Left He flipped the switch and took over our team, ... It�´s fun to have a mature guy who�´s not (just) surviving at quarterback. He�´s getting better every play. Quote Right
Quote Left There was a tremendous amount of pressure on them. Those streaks are a difficult thing. (USC coach) Pete (Carroll) has done a marvelous job of not talking about those things and continuing to win. Quote Right
Quote Left What a fun week for us, for Ohio State and for college football. It is unusual any more to have matchups like this out of conference. I am proud that we are going to a place that cares about football like we do and that has the storied history that we do. Quote Right
Quote Left Duane started as our defensive backs coach and has become more and more involved with the defense each year. Since he moved into the co-coordinator spot last year, he has played a key role in developing game plans and preparing one of the most successful defenses in the country. Quote Right
Quote Left It'll be a tremendous challenge for us, but a great opportunity. I've really admired what Pete's been able to do - he's taken a program that was struggling and made it the dominant program in college football. And he's done it with a smile. Quote Right
Quote Left At times, we didn't play very good. But we played hard and we believed and we played with confidence. Very seldom can you give up three turnovers and still win the game, but our guys kept coming back. Quote Right
Quote Left Cedric Benson, if we have the kind of year we're capable of having, could win the Heisman. Right now, we have potentially the best offensive line since we've been here. And I've never been around a quarterback who runs like Vince Young. So I think we're back on track. Quote Right
Quote Left That has to be as good a college football game as there could be. Texas and Michigan should come down to the last two seconds. Quote Right
Quote Left I took the media guide and showed our players all the great All-Americans and all the Heisman Trophy winners at Ohio State so they would appreciate the history at the school. I showed them a picture of Coach Hayes because I knew he would be honored there. I want them to know what's going on. I told them when they're 54, they'll look back on this as a great moment in their lives and that they need to play good and they need to win. Quote Right
Quote Left We could see Nick was going to be as good as Cullen, ... He's a guy that hasn't had a bad snap, but [he] is also a very valuable cover guy. Quote Right
Quote Left Will Allen can play both guard positions and center. He was a very durable and smart player who earned his degree at Texas and started for three straight years. He is a big, strong guy that can play in the league for 15 years. Quote Right
Quote Left To be honest, we can play a lot better. We had some turnovers and made a bad decision or two. We've got to do a better job. But Texas Tech is a really good football team. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm excited about where we are and where I think we're going. I don't think we've played near our best game. We're 5-0 but we have improvement to make in many areas. We have a chance to be special. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel what USC has done is phenomenal, and until someone beats them, they're still the national champions. I think it should be them No. 1 and all the rest of us No. 2 until somebody else proves otherwise. Quote Right
Quote Left Our state is different, there's no question about that. Our media is different. Who we are is different. Our fan base in some cases is different, and you have to understand it and embrace it and not try to fight it. Quote Right
Quote Left Michael's been doing that for three years, getting everyone lined up right and making adjustments on his own, ... That's why we haven't been able to move him to corner. Quote Right
Quote Left It was a fun week and a great game. Now we've got to go back to work this week, and look forward to Rice coming in, and stop talking about Ohio State. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't think you ever silence critics. They'll be critics in the morning, that's part of the deal. Quote Right
Quote Left Pete says if you're talking about the streak and thinking about the streak, it's going to come to an end. Quote Right
Quote Left This is a great time of year for football programs across the country. Quote Right
Quote Left Cedric, like Ricky, gets better in the fourth quarter than the first quarter. Quote Right
Quote Left There were 23 commitments before the end of the summer, Quote Right
Quote Left It's a compliment. We understand the rankings can change weekly. What we have to do is concentrate on winning. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't think we'll ever answer all the critics in sports, Quote Right
Quote Left We have 15 starters back next year and our expectations today remain the same as before Vince's decision. We are defending national champions and will move forward. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm glad he didn't hear me. Quote Right