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Famous Lyndon Baines Johnson Quotations

Best famous Lyndon Baines Johnson quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Lyndon Baines Johnson. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Lyndon Baines Johnson.

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Quote Left We live amid falling taboos. In our crowded little hour of history we have seen how the prejudice of religion no longer can bar the way to the... Quote Right
Quote Left We have not been fair with the Negro and his education. He has not had adequate or ample education to permit him to qualify for many jobs that... Quote Right
Quote Left I'm not in the speechmaking business nowadays. I'm following the advice of an old mountain woman who said: 'When I walks, I walk slowly. When ... Quote Right
Quote Left It is beautiful to remember that he passed away as he wished, in the saddle riding hard. Quote Right
Quote Left I am making a collection of the things my opponents have found me to be and, when this election is over, I am going to open a museum and put t... Quote Right
Quote Left As the House is designed to provide a reflection of the mood of the moment, the Senate is meant to reflect the continuity of the past—to pre... Quote Right
Quote Left Gerry Ford is a nice guy, but he played too much football with his helmet off. Quote Right
Quote Left I knew from the start that I was bound to be crucified either way I moved. If I left the woman I really loved—the Great Society—in order t... Quote Right
Quote Left We try to go back. You know I'll probably die just a few miles from where I drew my first breath. That would have seemed like a horrible prosp... Quote Right
Quote Left No slogan of democracy; no battle cry of freedom is more striving then the American parent's simple statement which all of you have heard many... Quote Right
Quote Left I am not describing a distant utopia, but the kind of education which must be the great urgent work of our time. By the end of this decade, un... Quote Right
Quote Left I am concerned about the whole man. I am concerned about what the people, using their government as an instrument and a tool, can do toward bu... Quote Right
Quote Left The thing I would like to do most is to find somehow to bring peace to the world. It has eluded me. Quote Right
Quote Left A great world leader is gone. Liberty loving people around the globe are sad tonight. We are strengthened in the thought of President Roosevel... Quote Right
Quote Left In my state, on the basis of the separate but equal doctrine, we have made enormous strides over the years in the education of both races. Per... Quote Right
Quote Left Because of these convictions, I made a personal decision in the 1964 Presidential campaign to make education a fundamental issue and to put it... Quote Right
Quote Left This administration is going to be a compassionate administration. We believe in the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them d... Quote Right
Quote Left The last thing I wanted to do was to be a 'wartime' President. Quote Right
Quote Left I pray that when historians write the story of this time, of our lives, that it may be recorded that this president tried—tried to lead his ... Quote Right
Quote Left Presidents quickly realize that while a single act might destroy the world they live in, no one single decision can make life suddenly better ... Quote Right
Quote Left I shall not seek and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President. Quote Right
Quote Left But now Nixon has come along and everything I've worked for is ruined. There's a story in the paper every day about him slashing another one o... Quote Right
Quote Left All of us realize that war requires action. What is sometimes harder for us to realize is that peace and neutrality also require action. Quote Right
Quote Left I am persuaded that the people of the world have no grievances, one against the other. The hopes and desires of a man who tills the soil are a... Quote Right
Quote Left I had many problems in my conduct of the office being contrasted with President Kennedy's conduct in the office, with my manner of dealing wit... Quote Right