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Quote Left Time can heal many wounds ... yet it is a double-edged sword, since it may also stir and brew distinct infestations, causing greater damage that's often ignored. Quote Right
Quote Left The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets. Quote Right
Quote Left A poet births words, brings them into the world like a midwife, then wet-nurses them from infancy to adolescence. — Michael R. Burch (keyword/tags: poet, poets, words, birth) Quote Right
Quote Left It is beautiful when someone teaches you about love but it is painful when same person teaches you to forget him or her. Quote Right
Quote Left My humble words can infuriate the mightiest man and make him feel small. Nothing enrages him more than the meekness of a god-fearing person. Quote Right
Quote Left Infinity has been created to create. It is omnipresent and knows all. Quote Right
Quote Left Ko Un was speechless at Auschwitz. Someday, when it’s too late, will we be speechless at Gaza? —Michael R. Burch (Keywords/Tags: Holocaust, Auschwitz, Gaza, death, murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, infanticide, matricide) Quote Right
Quote Left I am all for cremation. Love it (the idea of it all)...cremation it is! ashes released to a breeze (not interred into some cavity of a wall, like a nagging, painful, loose filling); ashes released into a breeze, balmy, or freezing full of life, that carries it into the nostrils and bodies of the gorgeously unsuspecting, eventually infecting their minds in ways they are totally unaware of, yet magic still remains. Quote Right
Quote Left We should always learn from our surroundings by being observant and by being a good listener, but the plight is that we fail to learn and the only reason is our mental capacity which mostly fails to observe and always makes us feel that we are wisest. Observing and listening is like meditation... If we practise, the experiences instead of becoming painful will leave us with a smile Quote Right
Quote Left Anything you can imagine, you can create. ~Oprah Winfrey~ Quote Right
Quote Left "Nothing happens until you decide. Make a decision and watch your life move forward." ~Oprah Winfrey~ Quote Right
Quote Left Any son facing sorrow will seek out his mother as John did when Christ was crucified. Weeping mother comforting her son dying and a brother mourning a divine teacher unworthy of a painful death. Quote Right
Quote Left Information is not enough for a life transforming experience. It’s where the information comes from that makes the difference. Quote Right
Quote Left Information comes from life, not the other way around. Quote Right
Quote Left If there is one area of our lives that we have complete control in, it is our thinking. Others may influence our thinking; however we alone can choose to accept that influence. Each day we have a CHOICE to be either be positive in our thinking or negative. To emit positive energy or to emit negative energy is of our choosing. – Andreas Simic Quote Right
Quote Left In this ordinary swoon as I pass from life to death, I feel no heat from the cold, pale moon; I feel no sympathy for breath. Who I am and why I came, I do not know; nor does it matter. The end of every man’s the same and every god’s as mad as a hatter. I do not fear the letting go; I only fear the clinging on to hope when there’s no hope, although I lift my face to the blazing sun and feel the greater intensity of the wilder inferno within me. Quote Right
Quote Left If you're having trouble understanding something, many times it's because your mind is closed or your vision is limited. Open your mind to infinate possiblities, take off the blinders, seek the Truth. Quote Right
Quote Left Who, if I objected, would hear me among the angelic orders? For if the least One pressed me intimately against its breast, I would be lost in its infinite Immensity! Because beauty, which we mortals can barely endure, is the beginning of terror; we stand awed when it benignly declines to annihilate us. Every Angel is terrifying! ('Rilke’s First Elegy' by Rainer Maria Rilke, loose translation by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left Of infinity the sky and all the stars; the ocean and all the crashing waves; nature and all it encompasses; and my eternal boundless love, grief and tears. Quote Right
Quote Left The hands that held me tremble. The arms that lifted, fall. Angelic flesh, now parchment, is held together with gauze. But her undimmed eyes still embrace me; there infinity can be found. I can almost believe such unfathomable love will still reach me, underground. ('The Greatest of These' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left "Stop numbing the self-inflicted wounds of those who don't want to help themselves." Quote Right
Quote Left Distance is a relatively infinite range. Quote Right
Quote Left Achievement is not when you have rich and influential parents, its when you have nothing and yet you become famous because of your own worth and work Quote Right
Quote Left Jesus is my savior He Knows my very heart He loves me inside and out Every single part I thankyou Lord Jesus for saving my soul and giving me eternal life Now that I know I have no fear of death or the the things of the world For I know who watches over me and that person is my Lord Jesus who lives I'll never turn back to my old sinful ways I'll just follow Jesus Christ the rest of my days Quote Right
Quote Left DC Islamabad should focus on aerial firing videos and underworld mafia of twin cities instead of asking information about a modeling couple who did photo shoot in front of unity faith discipline. Quote Right
Quote Left "I grew infatuated when I caught a glimpse, sparking the brightest burning source of intense desire hidden behind divine purity." Quote Right
Quote Left “Smile even when you are down, smiles are infectious, bring on the clowns.” Quote Right
Quote Left Permit yourself to feel your feelings. Instead of trying to avoid difficult emotions, permit yourself to handle them. These feelings are accurate, valid, and meaningful. They can provide information and help you see things about a situation you need to change. Quote Right
Quote Left Pense comigo nessa definição. Eu creio sinceramente que inflação é quando você paga sessenta reais pelo corte de cabelo quando você costumava receber por cinco quando tinha cabelo. Mais do que isso. A inflação deve ser medida pela diferença entre a quantidade de dinheiro que o governo gasta e a quantidade que ele tem a coragem de arrecadar. Quote Right
Quote Left The Elements, Of Human Physiology are influenced, strengthened, By Chants. Where The Church is in Leading Position, To Expand Our Capacities. Quote Right