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Famous Herman Edwards Quotations

Best famous Herman Edwards quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Herman Edwards. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Herman Edwards.

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Quote Left Quarterbacks get paid to win, ... That's how I evaluate him. It's a bottom-line business. It's about winning. . . . We played in a very tight game. I think that's good for you. It puts anxiety in your gut, and we needed that. Quote Right
Quote Left He has not played a lot of football since the season was over with, and it's a little bit of a new offense, asking to do some things a little different. One thing about Chad, he's very, very hard on himself, and he'll bounce back. Quote Right
Quote Left He gives more than he gets so he's really like Curtis Martin. At the end of the day, those guys are who make the league great because of what they do on the field, how they conduct themselves as professionals and what the do off the field. His legacy as a player goes far beyond his football career. Quote Right
Quote Left Gosh, I haven't seen that many fumbles by a Jets' quarterback since Joe Namath tried to kiss Suzy Kolber on an ESPN Sunday night game a couple years ago, ... The Chiefs played defense about as well as Suzy did �¢ Joe didn't get to first base, and neither did we. But we've got Chad on a strenuous hand-strengthening regimen: he's squeezing Charmin toilet paper 500 times a day. Quote Right
Quote Left in the twilight of his career. He knows that every year he comes back, he's getting closer to not playing anymore. He's had a great career in the National Football League. He's been on one team, caught over 500 passes. He's been a staple here. I think he knows there are only so many years left in him. He's going to play until he can't play anymore. Quote Right
Quote Left It's something Wayne's going to have to determine with the doctors, ... He's going to have to make a decision on what he wants to do. It's always the player's decision at the end of the day. The medical people can advise people. Wayne's at the point of his career where he's going to take a long hard look at what he wants to do. Quote Right
Quote Left A lot of people look at the last preseason game as if it's not important. Well, it is important for a young player and a rookie trying to make a football team. Most teams have to cut down 18 or 15 players and bring eight of them back. So, I think it will be a very competitive game for the most part and I look forward to seeing these young guys play. Quote Right
Quote Left He was always behind Anthony, he fell into that trap where I can do just enough to be OK, ... Now that you're a starter, you can't just be OK. You have to play at a level for us to win. That's good for us. Quote Right
Quote Left He's a little rusty, but he's still got to play, ... His rust is still pretty good. Quote Right
Quote Left It's a performance-based business, and it's hard for a player to all of a sudden think that something he's buying over the counter could be banned and affect his ability to play and get the job done, ... It's up to the individual player to either say, 'You know what? I'm not doing it,' or 'I'm going to take a chance. If they test me, I won't be one of the guys that it shows up on.' Quote Right
Quote Left I've played that position. You get 10 interceptions in one season, that's pretty good. He had a great season for a guy coming off an injury. Quote Right
Quote Left If anybody can do it, I believe Chad can do it because of his mental toughness and what he feels he has to prove. He's a unique individual, he really is. I mean, he played with that thing torn up those last five or six games (in 2004) and we made the playoffs. If anybody can do it, Chad can do it. I'm pulling for him and I'm praying for him. Quote Right
Quote Left I look at it like this, ... Before he got here, he was never injured. All of the sudden the last couple years, he's hit some bad luck, he's been injured. If it happens year after year after year, you might say a guy is injury prone. I wouldn't say that at this point. It's too early. Quote Right
Quote Left He actually told me what the player was trying to say. So I'll leave it at that. The player didn't mean to say we quit. We quit throwing the ball. That's what he meant. Quote Right
Quote Left He didn't have to do that because I know our stand with Mr. Johnson, we've had a relationship for five years, a very good working relationship. Our relationship was formed on one thing and one thing only: trust. We both trust each other, we both understand what we're trying to do here. Quote Right
Quote Left If I was voting, and I didn't see all the games that were played, but he'd be my MVP as defensive player of the week, that's for sure. He was raising havoc out there, and I think he likes his new role. Quote Right
Quote Left It wasn't a completed catch, ... That's my definition of it. If they made the call, then it was correct. We still had chances to win the game. Quote Right
Quote Left For the remainder of this season, any time we are traveling as a team, we are all required to dress and act like professionals. Quote Right
Quote Left He can get it down the field, he did it with Dallas, Quote Right
Quote Left He's feeling more comfortable throwing the ball and I just want to get him going a little bit more and he wants to do that, too, so we'll see where he's at. Quote Right
Quote Left It's tough, I anticipate he will be out for the season, ... I've never been in the situation where you lose the No. 1 and 2 quarterbacks in a span of seven plays. Quote Right
Quote Left He probably didn't get all he could on that kick. Quote Right
Quote Left I think they realized what type of football team we are, Quote Right
Quote Left That is what a playoff team looks like. There is a reason they go to the playoffs every year and have won three world championships. They got off to a fast start. Quote Right
Quote Left I think he'll be there, too. From what I understand from other people he will be back. Quote Right
Quote Left If he knew it was sore, ... it didn't affect his running. He just woke (yesterday) and it felt sore. Quote Right
Quote Left Obviously, he had some opportunities. But he felt his best opportunity right now as a coach was to go to Washington. I wish him a lot of luck. He's done a great job here with our offense. Quote Right
Quote Left Ty Law all of a sudden is going to start, ... Is he in shape to go 77 plays? I don't know that. John Abraham is going to play. How many plays can John Abraham play? I don't know that. Quote Right
Quote Left He's been a workhorse, a guy that's always answered the bell. He (Blaylock) didn't run a whole bunch (against Miami). Right now, it looks like he will run a lot. Quote Right
Quote Left He will be our second quarterback. Quote Right