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Famous H G Wells Quotations

Best famous H G Wells quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by H G Wells. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by H G Wells.

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Quote Left People retire and come to Myrtle Beach all the time; they find they can't make a living here so they want to buy a business. They cash in their 401(k), or their other retirement. Quote Right
Quote Left We thought we would do the Tiger Woods bit, because he always wears red on the final day of a tournament. Quote Right
Quote Left As gasoline prices decrease, consumers are finding a little extra padding in their budgets. Nearly every retail category has seen strong sales growth in the past few months, indicating that retailers will see positive gains as consumers continue to spend this holiday season. Quote Right
Quote Left The forceps of our minds are clumsy forceps, and crush the truth a little in taking hold of it. Quote Right
Quote Left We wanted to make some meaningful centennial donations, both for us and the province. Quote Right
Quote Left Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senat. Quote Right
Quote Left Joe was able to find the needle in a haystack. Quote Right
Quote Left Thank God I'm still here, ... It was kind of scary. I said, 'God, please let me live.' Quote Right
Quote Left As employment expands and wages and salaries firm, a broader spectrum of consumers will be in better financial shape, which should help lift sales more evenly across the board. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the things that's most dramatic about American democracy is the peaceful passing of power. We thought that was a really wonderful way to sort of end the series. Quote Right
Quote Left I think the NCAA became sensitive to the criticism in that area, and there's a much greater amount of flexibility today. Quote Right
Quote Left We are kept keen on the grindstone of pain and necessity. Quote Right
Quote Left He's been a good senior leader, just being a good example of how to block on the line, ... That entire unit is working hard to improve, and Nick's been a huge part of that. He's earning all the recognition he gets, because he's really helping to improve that part of our team. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't pray because I don't want to bore God. Quote Right
Quote Left Last Wednesday, I was about 48 hours from going home. I kid you not. You don't plan on going out that way, your last year and all. I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. [Stuff] happens, you move on, try to do the best you can do. I'd like to go out on a good note. Quote Right
Quote Left I rather think the cinema will die. Look at the energy being exerted to revive it -- yesterday it was color, today three dimensions. I don't give it forty years more. Witness the decline of conversation. Only the Irish have remained incomparable conversationalists, maybe because technical progress has passed them by. Quote Right
Quote Left Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life. Quote Right
Quote Left Damn you all, I told you so! Quote Right
Quote Left The science hangs like a gathering fog in a valley, a fog which begins nowhere and goes nowhere, an incidental, unmeaning inconvenience to passers-by. Quote Right
Quote Left We like to bring up our past success. The main thing we sell is the chance to play football, win championships, and we sell the Gateway Conference, which is the toughest conference in I-AA. If we can get them on campus, we hardly ever lose them. Quote Right
Quote Left It seemed like we were home today and this whole series. It's a great feeling. To get a sweep here is a big boost for us. Now we have to go home and keep it up. Quote Right
Quote Left Go away... I'm alright. Quote Right
Quote Left A health-care facility is a terrific economic engine in a community. It provides high-quality jobs, boosts real estate values and makes the community an attractive place to live. Quote Right
Quote Left Until they get in there, we won't know. They could think the clot would be this big and it ends up that big. They've narrowed the problem quite a bit, but there's still a spectrum of things that could be going on in there. Quote Right
Quote Left For the past two years, my brother has been portrayed as a bank robber, mentally disturbed, suicidal or worse, ... I can't believe that (investigators) still have my brother on the hook for this. We know my brother; everybody knows he is not a bank robber. Quote Right
Quote Left FEMA is aware of local concerns where sites are proposed, and balances those concerns with its urgent and compelling mission to provide temporary housing. Quote Right
Quote Left We got a little sloppy, especially at the end. The kind of mistakes we made tonight, we just can't afford. We have to play hard and smart for 48 minutes. Quote Right
Quote Left We expect him to play a lot this year. He's a real quality player, contact hitter right now. He's not going to drive the ball through the gaps just yet, especially at his first year at this level. But he's very disciplined at the plate. Quote Right
Quote Left Every drop of human blood contains a history book written in the language of our genes. Quote Right
Quote Left Pringle is on Bond Street to announce its brand and set it up in the right way, rather than to do a lot of trading, Quote Right