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Digit Quotes

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Quote Left When combined with the anticipated double-digit gains in employer health-care costs, manufacturers may find it very difficult to add to their payrolls next year and may opt to work their existing work forces longer. Quote Right
Quote Left Barring a major economic dislocation, such as a big pickup in inflation, I think home builders can grow their earnings at a double digit basis for the next two to three years. Quote Right
Quote Left Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue... Quote Right

Member Quotes About Digit

Quote Left jack fiddles life away on his thumbs~the little digits beating like drums~over loaf he brows~buttering skid rows~from his jam he's awaits for crumbs Quote Right
Quote Left In the order of digits, 0 belongs to in between of 1 and 2, not before 1. Quote Right
Quote Left Geniuses are counted by single digit numbers, while mediocrities are countless. Quote Right