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Famous Dick Young Quotations

Best famous Dick Young quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Dick Young. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Dick Young.

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Quote Left Let me make sure I've got this right. One night in December - in the middle of the rainy season - Joseph returns home from work and announces to his wife, Mary (a young lass of thireteen or fourteen in her ninth month of pregnancy) that they must immediately depart for Bethlehem in order to fulfill some vague scriptural prophecy. It's a journey of over one hundred and thirty kilometers that passes through some of the most treacherous and hostile territory in all of Jerusalem. However, Mary, despite being jerked and jostled on the back of a jackass and struggling on foot through thick muck and mire, manages to complete this arduous trek without hemorrhaging, breaking her water, or using harsh language. No doubt this has to be another one of those take it on 'faith' stories, right? Quote Right
Quote Left If human intelligence is largely a matter of heredity, then how stupid and gullible did God make Adam and Eve; how wise and clever the serpent? Quote Right
Quote Left According to 'God's Plan' Jesus had to die in order to be resurrected and for humankind to achieve salvation. If that is true, then why do Christians lament his crucifixion? Without it, their execrable theology would have never sunk its pernicious talons into the cousciousness of humankind. Quote Right
Quote Left God commanded His 'chosen people' to become mass murderers (Numbers 31:16-17) before the ink had dried on his moral magnum opus 'The Ten Commandments'. Unfortunately, humankind has followed this internecine hypocrisy even since. Quote Right
Quote Left If you take the Bible literally, then you've been taken - literally. Quote Right