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Famous Cynthia Ozick Quotations

Best famous Cynthia Ozick quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Cynthia Ozick. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Cynthia Ozick.

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Quote Left Wondrous hole! Magical hole! Dazzlingly influential hole! Noble and effulgent hole! From this hole everything follows logically: first the baby, then the placenta, then, for years and years and years until death, a way of life. It is all logic, and she who lives by the hole will live also by its logic. It is, appropriately, logic with a hole in it. Quote Right
Quote Left One reason writers write is out of revenge. Life hurts; certain ideas and experiences hurt; one wants to clarify, to set out illuminations, to replay the old bad scenes and get the Treppenworte said -- the words one didn't have the strength or ripeness to say when those words were necessary for one's dignity or survival. Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing is so awesomely unfamiliar as the familiar that discloses itself at the end of a journey. Quote Right
Quote Left After a certain number of years our faces become our biographies. We get to be responsible for our faces. Quote Right
Quote Left To want to be what one can be is purpose in life. Quote Right