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Quote Left The greatest fear of a black person in America is that the past shall repeat itself while the greatest fear of a racist in America is that it won't. Quote Right
Quote Left In Honor of God Our Creator I will not be a Racist.Red,Yellow,Black,Brown,and White we are precious in his sight. Quote Right
Quote Left I am a proud African, I will not substitute my beautiful ebony, It is strengths, my tissue is nature's shield from the sun, It radiates and glows, racist are ignorant of many things especially Geography. Quote Right
Quote Left To say an entire race is racist is racist individuals are racist not races Quote Right
Quote Left God could care less if you are homosexual or once homophobic, immoral or self righteous, racist or exceedingly tolerant, atheist or a complete zealot, or whatever the former or the latter because He sees inside every individual the capability to change though that itself is relative Quote Right
Quote Left 'Freedom of the press' is a firewall, behind which we stay safe from fascist viruses... It be the anchor what keeps Democracy from goin' adrift. Quote Right
Quote Left If a white man says Theresa May is not a good Prime Minister it's seen as a personal point of view, if he then says the Mayor of London is not a good Mayor he is accused of being racist, isn't it ironic how he isn't seen as sexist but then is seen as racist. Sometimes victims are invented by themselves. Quote Right
Quote Left if people of the same race can abuse each other then what is the sence in being a racist Quote Right