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Famous Chateaubriand Quotations

Best famous Chateaubriand quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Chateaubriand. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Chateaubriand.

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Quote Left What importance can we attach to the things of this world? Friendship? It disappears when the one who is liked comes to grief, or the one who likes becomes powerful. Love? it is deceived, fleeting, or guilty. Fame? You share it with mediocrity or crime. Fortune? Could that frivolity be counted a blessing? All that remains are those so-called happy days that flow past unnoticed in the obscurity of domestic cares, leaving man with the desire neither to lose his life nor to begin it over. Quote Right
Quote Left Aristocracy has three successive ages. First superiority s, then privileges and finally vanities. Having passed from the first, it degenerates in the second and dies in the third. Quote Right
Quote Left Let us not disdain glory too much; nothing is finer, except virtue. The height of happiness would be to unite both in this life. Quote Right
Quote Left You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light. Quote Right
Quote Left One does not learn how to die by killing others. Quote Right
Quote Left One is not superior merely because one sees the world as odious. Quote Right