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Famous Catullus Quotations

Best famous Catullus quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Catullus. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Catullus.

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Quote Left Then let amorous kisses dwell On our lips, begin and tell A Thousand and a Hundred score A Hundred, and a Thousand more. Quote Right
Quote Left All shuffle there; all cough in ink;All wear the carpet with their shoes;All think what other people think;All know the man their neighbour knows,Lord, what would they sayDid their Catullus walk that way? Quote Right
Quote Left Oh, this age! How tasteless and ill-bred it is! Quote Right
Quote Left My mind's sunk so low, Claudia, because of you, wrecked itself on your account so bad already, that I couldn't like you if you were the best of women,--or stop loving you, no matter what you do. Quote Right
Quote Left I love and I hate. How can this be, you ask in vain. I know not, but I feel it to be so and am wracked with pain. Quote Right
Quote Left I hate and I love. Perhaps you ask why I do so. I do not know, but I feel it, and am in agony. Quote Right
Quote Left One attraction of Latin is that you can immerse yourself in the poems of Horace and Catullus without fretting over how to say, Have a nice day. Quote Right
Quote Left It is difficult to lay aside a confirmed passion. Quote Right