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Famous C Northcote Parkinson Quotations

Best famous C Northcote Parkinson quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by C Northcote Parkinson. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by C Northcote Parkinson.

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Quote Left Delay is the deadliest form of denial. Quote Right
Quote Left Time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved. Quote Right
Quote Left Expansion means complexity and complexity decay. Quote Right
Quote Left Expenditure rises to meet income. Quote Right
Quote Left Work expands so as to fill the time available for it’s completion. Quote Right
Quote Left The man who is denied the opportunity of taking decisions of importance begins to regard as important the decisions he is allowed to take. Quote Right
Quote Left A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant. It takes root and grows, it flowers, wilts, and dies, scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn. Quote Right
Quote Left Expenditures rise to meet income. Quote Right